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Welcome to the Mathletics video tutorial library.

The team of “Mathletes” at 3P Learning have created a range of video tutorials covering the various tools and features within Mathletics. From introducing the basics to more detailed tutorials on teaching with Mathletics, the videos are an invaluable tool for teachers wanting to get the most from the program.

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Mathletics tutorial videos

thumbnail results video

Mathletics Results – Viewing real-time results data and assigning tasks.

The Results area of Mathletics is one of the cornerstone tools for teachers. An integrated digital mark book and also a tool for setting targeted curriculum activities to individuals or groups of students.

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Mathletics Video Icon Assessments

Mathletics Assessments – Diagnose and target learning outcomes.

Mathletics Assessments provide detailed reporting by class and student, plus a recommended work plan of Mathletics content for each student, targeting specific curriculum outcomes/standards.

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Mathletics Video Icon ReportsMathletics Reports – The power of data, your way.

Mathletics includes a powerhouse of live data for schools and teachers. Reports is a dynamic interface for teachers and school administrators that puts live data right where you need it – at your fingertips.

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thumbnail rollover video

Preparing for the new academic year

A new school year means new students, new classes and changes to the school roll. Fortunately, the Mathletics Administration Console is on hand to take the strain.

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