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Simple explanations: Flash

Technology can be complicated. Luckily we’re here to help with some plain English explanations. Here are the facts about Flash.

Some parts of Mathletics and Spellodrome are built using software called Flash – a piece of technology that enables us to deliver our rich and dynamic content online.

Almost all modern computers, both PC & Mac, will come with a Flash player pre-installed, meaning users will be able to access 3P Learning resources without any problem at all. Occasionally, Adobe – the makers of Flash – release updates to the software to allow for even more features. Mathletics and Spellodrome are continually updated so it is very important to ensure that your computer (and your school network) have the most up to date version of Flash. 

The current minimum version of Flash needed to access 3P Learning resources is 11.6. Users with older versions of Flash may be unable to access 3P Learning resources. It is important to check your Flash version and update (if needed). 

Not sure which version of Flash you have? No problem. Simply click the button below and your browser will tell you which version of Flash you have. If your version is lower than 11.6 you will need to update to ensure you can continue to enjoy our learning resources. You can update your Flash player using the same link. It’s quick and free. If you are in a school, you may need your school’s IT or network manager to do this.

Check your flash player version
3P Learning Technical Support

Has your browser blocked Flash?

Some browsers have recently adjusted their default settings to block Flash, which may cause you problems when running Mathletics or Spellodrome. This can be easily overcome by adjusting your browser’s settings to allow Flash to run. 

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Looking for a little extra help?

No problem, we’re here for you. Our dedicated technical support team can be easily contacted by email. In addition, our global network of customer and school support teams are based around the world. Your local team is ready to help!

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