Mathletics Brings the Love of Math to Manitoba!

Manitoban schools actively using Mathletics are seeing huge success! Polson School, located in Winnipeg, has signed on their entire school and now all of their students can get a leg up with the Mathletics Advantage. “We are in the second year of using Mathletics school-wide and the students all love it!” explains Wendy Skoglund, a [...]

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Educational Activities for the Weekend

The school week is over and your children are ready to put their learning on pause and partake in all sorts of activities like Saturday cartoons, weekend sports and birthday parties. But your child’s weekend doesn’t have to be restricted to either learning or fun, it is possible to have your cake and eat it [...]

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Happy Birthday Mathletics Canada!

On April 28th we celebrate the eighth anniversary of our first school using Mathletics in Canada! As we blow out the candles, we are reminded of Mathletics Canada’s humble beginnings within Calgary in 2009. Since then, the office has grown to 25 passionate and diverse staff members. “I want to make a difference in this [...]

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Pi Day 2016: Celebrate with the Mathletics team

Let's talk Pi (π) Happy 3.14159265359 Day! That’s right, the 14 March is the annual worldwide celebration of Pi. Pi is represented by the Greek symbol π. Did you know that the number Pi (π) is a mathematical constant whose value is the ratio of any circle circumference (C) to its diameter (d) and is [...]

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Mathletics Master Class – Dixon Grove Junior Middle School

Ontario Master Class School: Dixon Grove Junior Middle School Teacher: Sabina Habib Grade: 3 This month, we have chosen Ms. Habib’s grade 3 class to be our Mathletics Master Class this month. Ms. Habib, a teacher for over 20 years, brings knowledge and passion to her classroom. Her main goal is to inspire her students to [...]

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Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions for Teachers

It's time to stop reminiscing about the past year and think about the new year ahead! The yearly tradition of resolutions is among us so let's start brainstorming.  Here are the Top 10 New Year's Resolutions for Teachers: Happy New Year! Get the thinking caps on To get your students focused on the [...]

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Encouraging things you can tell your students

In a classroom setting teachers tend to do the majority of the talking thus it is no surprise to see many education programs emphasizing the importance of effective communication. Nevertheless, it can be difficult to keep in mind those long university lectures when faced with a class of students that have varying communication and learning [...]

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Incorporate Math in the Holidays

The holidays are right around the corner and children are buzzing with anticipation for such a wonderful time of year. Mathematics impacts us every day and the holidays are a wonderful way to incorporate math in a fun and unique way into a child’s life. Here are some ideas! In the classroom:  Holidays are such [...]

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December Mathletics Master Class

Congratulations Ms. Wallden! We are excited to announce our December Mathletics Master Class recipient – Marie Wallden, grade 5/6 teacher at Deroche Elementary School within Mission District (SD 75), British Columbia. We are thrilled that all students in grades 1 - 6 at Deroche Elementary School are using Mathletics! School: Deroche Elementary School Teacher: Marie Wallden [...]

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Professional Development Opportunity: Dr. Marian Small Videos

We recognize that teachers are lifelong learners. To help their students succeed, they continuously seek to augment their toolbox of skills. According to a study commissioned by the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation, the ideal professional development experience should possess a variety of attributes  in order to be successfully implemented in day-to-day teaching. Professional development [...]

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Introducing Beverley Gwynne, Lead Educator from Port Douglas SS, QLD

We are proud to welcome Queenslander Bev Gwynne to the Mathletics Lead Educator Program. Bev has been teaching for 6 years and her driving passion is simple: Students achieving their potential, and being happy learners who challenge themselves. As a classroom teacher at Port Douglas SS, Bev came upon Mathletics when she accepted the role [...]

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Moss Vale HS student finds Mathletics “cool”!

The Mathletics Team at North Sydney find it particularly rewarding when we hear from students.  Recently, we received this email from a Year 9 student at Moss Vale High School in the Southern Highlands of NSW: "I have been using Mathletics to help me with my maths for nearly a term now and it is really [...]

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Now that’s creative! Students at Kingston Heath PS, VIC design and build own Mathletics Trophy!

Mathletics Lead Educator Michael Smethurst kindly sent through a photo of his school's custom-designed Mathletics class trophy. Designed and constructed by the students themselves, this very special trophy is presented at assembly each week, together with student's silver certificates and recognising Top 10 Mathletics students of the week.  Read more about Michael... ACTIVITY - Encourage your students [...]

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Welcome Michael Smethurst, Mathletics Lead Educator at Kingston Heath PS

From 3P Learning's perspective, Mathletics Certification is a terrific way to learn more about the teaching community.  Right now we are getting to know freshly certified Mathletics Lead Educator Michael Smethurst.  Michael resides in Cheltenham, Victoria and brings his passion for mathematics and the integration of ICT into all areas of learning at his school [...]

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Why Mathletics can be your teaching resource

Using Results · Use Results daily/weekly to set tasks, view attainment results and differentiate work for individuals or your full class. · View examples of the student activity using the drop down menu in the ‘Action bar’ to ensure it meets your requirements. · Aim to have every score 85% or better – those students not [...]

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