Welcome to Kristie Mulholland, Mathletics Lead Educator at Beverley Hills PS, Vic

Beverley Hills PS gains Mathletics Lead Educator! Kristie Mulholland teaches a wonderful group of grade two students at Beverley Hills PS, who are excelling in all areas of learning.  Having moved to Victoria from NSW, Kristie graduated from the University of Western Sydney in 2009 with a Bachelor of Early Childhood Studies and received her Master of Teaching [...]

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Welcoming WA Reading Eggs Lead Educator Amy Williums, St Joseph’s School, Queens Park

Reading Eggs Lead Educator Amy Williums Amy Williums leading Reading Eggs at St Joseph's School Having worked as an education assistant and currently a special needs assistant for over 8 years Amy, has seen the difference an engaging and exciting program can make to a child’s learning. When introduced to Reading Eggs [...]

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Penelope Power: Empowering learners as a Mathletics Lead Educator

Welcoming Penelope Power from Albury Public School in NSW We are very excited to welcome Penelope Power as a new graduate of Mathletics Certification, having recently achieved her Lead Educator status recently. Penelope is passionate about empowering learners by helping them to develop their skills, knowledge and curiosity.  Currently, Penelope teaches Year 5 students at Albury [...]

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Mathletics welcomes WA Mathletics Lead Educator Caroline Brades from Cottlesloe PS, WA

WA Mathletics Lead Educator Caroline Brades from Cottlesloe PS, Peppermint Grove Caroline Brades has been teaching for over 20 years, currently with Year 4/5 as classroom teacher at Cottlesloe PS but previously as a deputy principal.    She leads curriculum differentiation and change throughout her school. Caroline’s interest in Certification came through her love of Mathletics [...]

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Introducing Beverley Gwynne, Lead Educator from Port Douglas SS, QLD

We are proud to welcome Queenslander Bev Gwynne to the Mathletics Lead Educator Program. Bev has been teaching for 6 years and her driving passion is simple: Students achieving their potential, and being happy learners who challenge themselves. As a classroom teacher at Port Douglas SS, Bev came upon Mathletics when she accepted the role [...]

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Welcome Michael Smethurst, Mathletics Lead Educator at Kingston Heath PS

From 3P Learning's perspective, Mathletics Certification is a terrific way to learn more about the teaching community.  Right now we are getting to know freshly certified Mathletics Lead Educator Michael Smethurst.  Michael resides in Cheltenham, Victoria and brings his passion for mathematics and the integration of ICT into all areas of learning at his school [...]

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Introducing Anne Austin Mathletics Lead Educator, Waterford SS, QLD

Anne Austin has been teaching for 27 years, mainly in the upper primary grades, so we were keen for her to share her experiences with Mathletics as a freshly minted Lead Educator. "My daughter was struggling with Maths in year three and my husband heard about Mathletics on the radio. I signed her up and [...]

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Welcoming Vanya Duncan to the Lead Educator Community

Vanya is a Grade 4 teacher at American School of Ulaanbaatar and has successfully completed all three levels of the Certification Pathway. Being a very IT savvy teacher, Vanya has taken full advantage of Mathletics to differentiate, bring students with gaps up to speed with others, provide challenging work for more able students, monitor progress [...]

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Why Mathletics can be your teaching resource

Using Results · Use Results daily/weekly to set tasks, view attainment results and differentiate work for individuals or your full class. · View examples of the student activity using the drop down menu in the ‘Action bar’ to ensure it meets your requirements. · Aim to have every score 85% or better – those students not [...]

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Brian Host Mathletics Lead Educator shares his EduTech Takeaways

  MLE Brian Host at EduTECH 2015 EduTech Day 1 Takeaways I love the ability of educators to connect and the power of this has been shown today at EduTech Australia. Previously working in other field speakers were often distant and untouchable; however, the key notes, session leaders and seminar speakers were accessible. [...]

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My Story: Lead Educator Brian Host

"This program is a fabulous pathway for educators to become equipped to support their students learning in increasingly engaging game based learning." It has allowed my class to desire to succeed. Their goal has been to all get certificates each week and collectively motivate each other to achieve this. The ability to monitor and track [...]

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Congratulations NSW Mathletics Lead Educator Brian Host

We are proud to introduce Brian Host who is NSW’s first Mathletics Lead Educator. Brian is a Classroom teacher and ICT Integrator at Inaburra School and has successfully completed all three levels of the Certification Pathway. In completing Certificate Levels 1 and 2, Brian tells us he successfully used Mathletics in his Year 2 classroom [...]

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Sharon Choi, Middlemount Community School in QLD joins Lead Educator Program

Now in her third year of teaching as an Early Years teacher, Sharon Choi delights in teaching this very special stage; when students connect the dots on how to read, solve problems and create friendships.  Her school Middlemount Community School is approximately 270km north west from Rockhampton in QLD.  It's a small strong community and [...]

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Celebrating NSW’s Jaana Gray as Mathletics Lead Educator

Jaana Gray from St Columba Anglican School in Port Macquarie is passionate in bringing out the best in her students. “I love it when my students grow in their learning and when something finally clicks. I think everyone should have a love of learning and the opportunity to grow and be the best you can.” [...]

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Celebrating the first Mathletics Lead School, Coomera Springs SS

Leading Mathletics integration and leadership Martine Gill, Principal, Coomera Springs SS, QLD This week we proudly recognise QLD's Coomera Springs SS as the first school in Australia to achieve Mathletics Lead School status. Coomera Springs has been a strong supporter of Teacher Certification and it is fitting that they have achieved this milestone. [...]

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