The complete spelling program that’s as simple as ABC…

Designed by educators, Spellodrome encourages independent learning and the development of critical spelling awareness through stimulation and support. All four areas of spelling knowledge are covered: VisualPhonologicalMorphemic and Etymological.

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Spellodrome iMac EngageEngage.

Spellodrome provides a safe, secure and engaging online world of learning for students. Rewards and certificates keep students motivated, with a wide range of spelling games based on a teacher-assigned custom word list.

Students develop their own spelling strategies through the recognition of letter patterns and word families. Look, cover, write, check – without the endless repetition.


Spellodrome iMac Word ListsWord lists.

As a teacher create your own spelling programs with drag and drop word lists, selecting from a bank of over 10,000 words covering all major international English dialects.

Student activities in Spellodrome are powered by word lists, meaning all learning is focussed around only the words you wish to target – a perfect way to engage your students in their weekly spelling list. Also available are a huge range of Spellodrome-created default word lists.


Spellodrome iMac classesGroups.

Spelling ability is a very wide spectrum, often even within a single class. That is why Spellodrome includes incredibly simple drag and drop spelling group creation.

It’s simple to split your class into multiple groups – either by ability or simply for your own administration. Teachers can assign different word lists and spelling programs to each group, accommodating for differing abilities or weekly spelling lists. It’s one-click differentiation.


Spellodrome iMac ReportReport.

Track students’ progress and improvement with access to real-time data and live results reporting.

Spellodrome provides lists of most frequent correctly and incorrectly spelt words, at an individual student level, allowing for easy diagnosis of troublesome word and letter patterns. Reporting also includes time on task, usage statistics and summaries of rewards earned.


Spellodrome iMac LiveLive Spellodrome.

A live, real-time race environment, where students compete with others from right across the world. Listen to the sentence read aloud and spell the missing word. Increases students’ confidence in spelling, as well as speed of mental spelling strategy.

Additional activities such as Crossword and Find a Word reinforce spelling strategies, using words from teacher-assigned word lists.


Spellodrome iMac WorkbooksNever make a worksheet again.

At Spellodrome, we know that the early exploration of literacy cannot always be best achieved online. That’s why we include thousands of pages of printable worksheets and workbooks (all tailored to the spelling programs within Spellodrome), enabling wider exploration of areas such as comprehension, grammar and language.

A perfect resource for classroom and home-based exploration.


Spellodrome iMac Writing FunINCLUDING Writing Fun by Jenny Eather.

A powerful tool now available free to all Spellodrome subscribers, exploring a range of writing styles including RecountsPersuasions, DiscussionsNarrativesResponsesDescriptions and Poetry, as well as everyday texts such as letters, emails, invitations and news.

Each genre area is clearly explained with several examples given. Downloadable worksheets are an added bonus.


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