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About Dan Meyer

Meet Dan Meyer with Mathletics

As a part-time Googler, provocative blogger and friend of 3P Learning (not to mention a full-time High School maths teacher), Dan’s perspective on curriculum design, teacher education and teacher retention is informed by tech trends and online discourse as much as front-line experience with students.

Dan has spun off his enlightening message – that teachers “be less helpful” and push their students to formulate the steps to solve maths problems – into a global tour-of-duty on the speaking circuit. His talks and seminars are hugely engaging and universally well received. This is Dan’s third year with the Love Learning conference season.

“I teach high school math. I sell a product to a market that doesn’t want it, but is forced by law to buy it.”  Dan Meyer

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About Dan Haesler (keynote speaker)


Dan Haesler is a teacher, writer, speaker & consultant.

Engaging, thought provoking and someone who pushes the boundaries; Dan has appeared alongside some of the world’s most respected educational thinkers including Sir Ken Robinson and Stephen Heppell. He also writes regularly for the education pages of the Sydney Morning Herald.

Dan has developed a strong capability around leading positive change to support improved learning outcomes through his work on education initiatives. His work centres around the relationships between engagement, wellbeing and leadership. Dan empowers organisations, schools and individuals to lead educational change.

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About Stephen Harris (keynote speaker)

Stephen Harris

Stephen Harris is Principal of Northern Beaches Christian School (NBCS). In 2005, Stephen founded the Sydney Centre for Innovation in Learning (SCIL), as an active innovation and development unit within NBCS. His vision was to embed innovation into everyday school practice. Stephen received recognition at the inaugural Australian Awards for Outstanding Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL), as the Australian Secondary Principal of the Year (NSW). As part of his work with SCIL, Stephen leads education groups through a process designed to improve capacity to ‘vision’ where education is going.

Stephen has presented in forums such as EduTech (Australia), CEFPI (the US, Australia, the UK and NZ), and a variety of international forums. Stephen is also involved in an education project in the northern province of Rwanda, establishing effective ways of initiating teacher professional development strategies.

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About Britt Gow


Britt Gow is a Science teacher at a rural P-12 College in SW Victoria and author of the popular Technoscience blog. Britt received the “Secondary Teacher of the Year” award in the Victorian Education Excellence Awards this year. She believes that providing a wide range of authentic, hands-on tasks, gives all students an opportunity for success.

Britt believes that professional development for teachers should model best practice in the classroom. Her workshops allow participants ongoing access to the Digital Toolbox, where you can explore a variety of free digital tools for teaching and learning. Britt embraces social media and taught an online VCE Environmental Science course over the past three years. She encourages the use of digital tools in Science classes to connect, collaborate, create and learn collectively.

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About Diane Farrell

Di Farrell

Diane Farrell has extensive expertise in Mathematics education and in her role as Leading Teacher for Mathematics at John Monash Science School she has developed highly innovative practice in the areas of team teaching, flexible learning spaces and the use of data for learning.

She is passionate about supporting students in developing strategies to become independent learners. In her other role as Leader of Staff Professional Learning, Diane has developed a research-based model for staff focussing on designing innovative solutions around whole school priorities.

In terms of her own learning this year, Diane is focussing on the development of effective formative assessment using the SOLO taxonomy in mathematics.

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About Martine Gill

Martine Gill

Martine is passionate and committed to leading her school under the vision of ‘world class learning for the 21st century’. Martine’s leadership challenges the way in which schools deliver curriculum to ensure that students are getting the foundations in literacy and numeracy through a digital filter.

Martine is leading her community through innovative change through the implementation of new and exciting programs such as “Out of Box” (the explicit teaching of literacy and numeracy through gaming), BYOD, “Design Learning” (a ‘problemtunity’ based pedagogical framework that enables students to become the architects of their own learning by working through a process to apply and demonstrate their skills and knowledge) and “iZone Learning”  (a flipped classroom model).

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About Lou Deibe

Lou Pic

Lou is a highly experienced primary school teacher. Since beginning her teaching career with a class of 50 kindergarten children in the UK, Lou has always been committed to providing a highly innovative, child-centred curriculum focused on individual pathways of experiential learning. Lou has been responsible for leading a team of teachers within the e-Zone model, which uses the integrated Matrix to deliver a number of curriculum areas and places a high priority on personalised learning and independence.

In her current role as Change Agent at the highly innovative NBCS, Lou is responsible for partnering with teams of teachers as they endeavour to constantly seek and deliver best practice from pre-school to Yr. 12. This covers both the development of the curriculum and the development of pedagogy and best teaching practice. Maintaining a significant teaching load as part of the teams in which she is working has been a crucial part of her success.

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About Misty Adoniou

misty adoniou

Misty Adoniou is a Senior Lecturer in Language Literacy and TESL at the University of Canberra. She is the lead writer for the Australian Curriculum’s English as an Additional Language document and support materials and an advisor on Equity and Diversity in the Australian Curriculum.

Her most recent research work is in the area of supporting and retaining beginning teachers and she has presented this work internationally and nationally as an expert witness to the Federal Senate Inquiry into Teaching and Learning. She has received several teaching awards including a national ALTC citation for her Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning.

She presents and writes regularly on effective ways to teach spelling and grammar.

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About Vic Zbar

Vic Zbar

Vic has extensive consultancy and school improvement experience and is recognised internationally for his writing on education and range of education reports. Prior to establishing Zbar Consulting, Vic was the Assistant Director of Human Resources in the Victorian Department of Education, having earlier been principal advisor to the Chief Executive, giving him an in-depth knowledge of the work of most aspects of the then Office of Schools.

Vic is a widely published author in both education and management. His titles include the best selling Managing the future and its sequel, Key Management Concepts. More recently he co-edited three volumes of Leading the Education Debate, published by the Centre for Strategic Education (CSE). He has written numerous articles and papers.

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About Mal Lee

Mal Lee

Mal Lee is one of the world leaders in researching and documenting the evolution of schooling, the transformational effect of the normalised use of digital upon schooling, home-school collaboration, teaching for a networked world, BYOT and educational benefits realisation.

A former director of schools, secondary college principal, technology company director Mal has written extensively in the leadership and instructional technology journals with a regular column in Education Technology Solutions. Mal has released eight publications and will release several more during 2014. Mal’s major work for 2014 will cover Digital Normalisation and School Transformation examining the profound impact of the digital technology on every facet of schooling in the last decade.

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