How Mathseeds works

Nurture mathematics confidence in early learners through explicit instruction and independent practice.

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Mathseeds keeps students at the right level of challenge. Here’s how:

1. Ability-based placement

Students starting Mathseeds are assigned a test to figure out their strengths and weaknesses. After they’re placed by their ability level, students begin the 190 sequential lessons. These lessons build knowledge and challenge students to ensure they’re progressing each lesson.

2. Explicit instruction

Each lesson begins with a simple step-by-step introduction to support students’ confidence and familiarity with what’s being learned. After completing guided activities, students begin their own independent practice, developing their autonomy, critical thinking and problem-solving abilities.

3. Motivation and progress

Fun activities and progression through the Mathseeds map keep students engaged and motivated to continue learning. Designed to prevent guessing, students are helped to develop strong understanding before they can continue in their mathematics learning journey.

4. Meaningful and targeted assessment

Using multiple assessments, like end-of-map quizzes, Driving Tests and printable written tests, Mathseeds gives you an insight into where your students are succeeding, struggling, and where you should focus their learning next.

How Mathseeds lessons work

Lessons begin with simple step-by-step instruction…

…students complete guided practice activities…

…and then move on to independent work!

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