Mathseeds activities help early learners develop the confidence in fluency needed to successfully tackle problem-solving and reasoning.

Mathseeds Mental Minute helps early learners master fluency

Offering the most comprehensive fact fluency program for younger students, Mental Minute is Mathseeds NEW powerful tool focused on building key maths facts one-minute at a time.

Develop key skills

Improve accuracy and speed

Achieve mastery

Build confidence

  • Consisting of 145 unique sprints, Mental Minute supports students as they become fluent and confident in their recall of key maths facts.

  • Each sprint focuses on a specific fluency learning and encourages repeated practice, ensuring students improve accuracy and build speed.

  • Sequenced progression enables students to work at their own pace and acquire a deeper understanding of strategies and maths facts (instead of memorising them!).

  • Keep your students engaged in learning as they individually race against the 1-minute clock, earn star badges and unlock new, exciting sprints and themes.

  • Students can track their own progress with online and printable badge charts, that highlight their achievements and boost motivation.

  • Each fluency sprint is accompanied by additional worksheet resources to further reinforce and help students master key maths facts.

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Mathseeds has over 200 Printable Problem-Solving and Critical Thinking Activities

Once students can quickly and accurately recall key maths facts, they’ll be able to confidently tackle our Mathseeds Printable Problem Solving and Critical Thinking activities!

  • A fun, printable activity accompanies each Mathseeds online lesson and includes a student worksheet, teacher notes and worked solutions.

  • Covering the core maths areas, activities are designed to challenge students and develop their higher-level thinking skills.

  • Activities equip students with a toolkit of strategies to reason, interpret and solve increasingly complex problems successfully.

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Build your students’ maths fact fluency.

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