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Imagine a complete learning experience from the very building blocks of reading through to developing advanced reading skills and strategies. Reading Eggs is a curriculum-aligned online reading program that makes learning essential reading and comprehension skills a fun and motivating experience for 4-13 year olds. Coupled with its Reading Eggspress component, the program has an enormous range of learning resources, lessons, motivational games, eBooks and a comprehensive reporting system that together make for an engaging, unique and effective learning environment.

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Reading Eggs laptopPowerful and engaging.

The Reading Eggs world is welcoming and engaging to emerging readers, with hundreds of individually structured activities and lessons. In Puzzle Park, students complete word puzzles and practise sight word recognition to gain rewards of Golden Eggs, whilst Skill Bank focuses on building students’ skills in four core areas of English: Spelling, Vocabulary, Grammar and Punctuation.

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Reading Eggs laptop2Assess. Diagnose. Report.

Reading Eggs includes real-time results reporting. Teachers also have access to a complete overview of the content covered as well as word lists and skills charts once a student has completed a map. The program also offers an extensive range of teaching resources to supplement the online resource in the classroom, with book notes and student worksheets covering writing, grammar and comprehension.

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Reading Eggs laptop3Read for meaning.

Reading Eggs is not just about engaging activities. The Storylands area enables students to read for meaning and includes even more lessons. The huge Teacher Toolkit contains interactive activities, teaching resources, lesson plans and a massive library of Big Books. It’s a comprehensive print library at your fingertips.

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Reading Eggs laptop4Go further with Reading Eggspress

Reading Eggs continues with Reading Eggspress to provide students of all ability levels and needs with a full literacy program. The Floating Island is the ideal learning space for 7-13 year old students – a virtual world to explore, practise, improve and earn a variety of rewards including trading cards and golden eggs, to encourage and motivate students to master the full range of literacy skills.

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Reading Eggs laptop5A huge virtual library.

Think of the cost of filling your school library with over 1500 books. What about 1500 books each for all your students? Ouch. The Reading Eggspress library contains well over 1500 complete eBooks – a wide range of fiction and non-fiction paired with an online reading quiz for each title. What’s more, all eBooks are available for use with PC’s, IWB’s and tablet devices. Now that’s better than a dusty old book room.

Browse the virtual shelves of the extensive library of eBooks within Reading Eggspress. 

Reading Eggs laptop6We’re not done yet…

The Stadium challenges students from around the world in spelling, vocabulary and grammar with varying levels of difficulty. The Comprehension Gym includes hundreds of comprehension lessons that model and teach comprehension strategies; assessing a student’s factual, inferential and textual understanding. Jenny Eather’s Writing Fun is also included within the resource.

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Reading Eggs ipadTablet-ready? You bet.

Technology is a fast changing medium and Reading Eggs is evolving too. Reading Eggs is tablet-ready via a dedicated iPad app and via a Chrome browser on Android devices. Over 1500 library books and 100 activities from Eggspress can also be accessible, with more being added all the time.

Read more about Reading Eggs for mobile devices.

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