Get Ready for an Eggventure!

The Reading Eggspedition is a FREE fun-filled online literacy adventure for students.

18 Feb – 15 March 2019



From the 18th of February until the 15th of March students will discover a brand-new world of reading where they can eggscel in their literacy learning!

Engage students
in literacy

Your students will be set on individualised learning pathways that guide them through a range of interactive literacy activities.

Four weeks
FREE access

Throughout the 4-week event, you and your students will have full access to the Reading Eggs online literacy program.

For all
primary students

The Reading Eggspedition is ideal for students aged 4 to 13 years with content for lower and upper primary.

literacy goals

Take your students through a series of literacy goals, designed to test their reading, writing, comprehension and spelling skills.

Student Goal 1: Complete the placement test

The best way for students to start their Reading Eggs journey is to complete the placement test. The test places them in the correct part of the Reading Eggs program based on their current knowledge.

Student Goal 2: Complete your first lesson

Let the learning begin with Lessons! ‘My Lessons’ creates an individual learning journey for each student.

Students click on ‘Lessons’ and they’re taken to their Activity Map where they can select a new activity that’s set to their level.

Student Goal 1: Read an eBook and take the quiz

The Library inside Reading Eggs contains 2,000+ interactive eBooks, all with an accompanying quiz to test students’ understanding. This week’s goal is for students to read an eBook and complete the quiz at the end.

Student Goal 1: Younger students construct a story

The Story Factory is where Eggsplorers can create their very own storybooks with full-colour illustrations. This week get creative with your students and have them write their own story in the Story Factory. Who knows, one of their creations might be voted best in the weekly contest?

Student Goal 2: Older students supersize spelling skills

The English Skills section of Reading Eggspress builds on the early spelling skills your students have already developed. The spelling lessons teach students to spell while improving reading, writing and comprehension skills, using a combination of videos, interactive activities, rewards-based games, and printable worksheets. Have your students jump in and try spelling lessons this week.

Student Goal 1: Complete your Reading Eggspedition checklist

We’ve put together two Reading Eggspedition checklists for your students. The Reading Eggs checklist is for students using Reading Eggs while the Reading Eggspress checklist covers students using Reading Eggspress.

Each checklist has a number of activities for your students to complete before the end of the event.

Download Reading Eggs Checklist

Download Reading Eggspress Checklist

Teacher Goal 1: Sign in to your Teacher Console

We’re not forgetting about you, teachers! As part of the Reading Eggspedition you receive access to your own teacher account that’s packed full of extra teaching resources.

Your first goal is to sign in to your teacher console.

Teacher Goal 1: Access the eBooks via your teacher console

As a teacher, you can also access the Library whenever you need it. Simply navigate to the ‘Book Notes’ section of your Teacher Toolkit.

We challenge you to eggsplore the Library with your students this week.

Teacher Goal 1: Access group teaching resources

You’ll be wondering how you ever lived without the Teacher Toolkit once you check out the vast range of resources it contains.

Last week we looked at the eBooks so this week let’s dive further into the resources you can use in a group teaching situation.

Access the ‘Teacher Toolkit’ on the left side menu of your Teacher Console and then select a teaching resource from: Comprehension Lessons, Grammar Worksheets, Targeting Texts series, and Phonics and Spelling Exercises.

Teacher Goal 1: Dive into the reporting suite

With 3 weeks worth of student results on board, now is a great time to jump into Reports and check the progress of your students.

A comprehensive dashboard provides teachers with class totals and clear averages. With a few clicks, you can drill-drown much further to easily identify learning gaps, achievement, effort, improvement and more.

Take a video tour of Reading Eggs Reports

Take a video tour of Reading Eggspress Reports

What is Reading Eggs?

Reading Eggs is the award-winning online learning resources that supports your students’ reading, comprehension, vocabulary, grammar and other English language skills. Carefully designed online reading games and activities are easy to follow, self-paced, and highly engaging.

Watch the video to learn more!

Register for the Reading Eggspedition!

Registrations are now closed. If you’d like to eggsplore Reading Eggs with a free two-week trial, click here.

  • Four weeks access to the Reading Eggs and Eggspress online programs starting 18 February

  • For students aged 4 to 13

  • Student and teacher goals to complete during the event

  • Completely FREE to join

Note: Only schools without a current Reading Eggs subscription may take part.