Schoolzine has transformed the humble school newsletter into a multi-functional, interactive platform that can be accessed wherever you have internet! At home on your PC, via your mobile or perhaps on your iPad – completely at your convenience. This is truly revolutionising the flow of information and communication between home, school and the broader community, resulting in the best possible outcomes for the youngest members of the community – our children!

As educators we understand the importance of parent teacher communication and want to help schools better facilitate this. All 3P Learning schools will be eligible for a FREE 3MONTH Schoolzine trial.

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At Thornlie Christian College we love the great time and money saving features that Schoolzine offers us.
As a school, not having to worry about the formatting of our Newsletter has meant that we are able to focus on improving the content within the Newsletter and provide a better service to our College Community.
We estimate that the cost of time and materials saved from utilising the Schoolzine services is in the tens of thousands of dollars each year.
Our favourite feature is the ability to include unlimited photos and videos in each edition. All in all we are very happy with this product. With over 400 subscribers and growing daily we have found Schoolzine our most effective communication tool with parents yet.
Justin Gunn , Community Relations Manager – Thornlie Christian College
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