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Here at 3P Learning our global community of over 5 million learners provide ample opportunity to connect and share insights with parents around the world who care deeply about their children’s education. Bookmark this page and check back regularly for insights from the perspective of parents, teachers, and education experts worldwide. You can also follow Mathletics or Spellodrome on social media and be notified of new posts!

Mathematics in the Kitchen With Your Kids

Finding ways to support your child's mathematics learning in every day life without having to schedule it is wonderfully beneficial to your child and friendly to your daily routine. We ran across this post

Research: 3 Ways Parents Can Support Mathematics at Home

Recently, the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) conducted a survey of 400 mathematics teachers. Laura Ascione of eschoolnews summarized some of the key findings from the teachers surveyed, and we

Put the 5 pillars of reading to work for your kids

In the February issue of ParentEd we introduced you to the 5 pillars of reading, which are key to developing reading skills from an early age. This month Karen Turnbull, literacy education expert

Going on a maths walk!

Going on a maths walk is an article written by education expert Dr. Steve Humble from Newcastle University. As you know, our love for learning at 3P Learning spans the globe, and we want to share this

New to Mathletics – Multiverse now included with Mathletics Home Subscriptions

Multiverse takes multiplication to a new level of fun for learners. Learners navigate space, collect resources, uncover new planets and even battle space pirates, all while practicing multiplication in a highly engaging learning

Reach reading proficiency with the 5 essential components of literacy

As parents, we want our learners to succeed in reading. There are 5 specific components that, when supported, lead to proficiency in reading.  With a better understanding of these components, you can support

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