To register, please fill out a School Registration Spreadsheet according to the column headings. Please use the one spreadsheet to register ALL students in your school and ensure that this data has been  entered correctly. 

1. Click here to download the School Registration Spreadsheet. Save the spreadsheet to your computer.

2. Complete this spreadsheet with your school, student, and teacher details. When filling in the spreadsheet, follow the guidelines provided.

3. Save your completed spreadsheet, then attach and email it to

4. The Mathletics team will process the spreadsheet and email back to you usernames and passwords for your teachers and students.

5. Once registered, students can access the Mathletics website and start warming up for the challenge from Monday, 3 November 2014.

Attention schools and teachers with Mathletics licences: Students with Mathletics licences are automatically registered for the challenge and therefore, do not need to be registered again. If you are unsure about this, please contact the Mathletics team.

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