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Spellodrome helps children to develop spelling, writing and communication skills, supporting them in the ‘GPS’ elements of the new curriculum. As a learning tool, Spellodrome includes pre-populated 2014 curriculum-aligned word lists for KS1 and KS2 and these word lists can be customised (from more than 10,000 words) to the specific needs of each teacher.

Spellodrome has a new assessments feature, specifically designed to help students prepare for the spelling element of the SATs literacy tests.

Spelling tests

Using the same format as the genuine SATs spelling tests:

  • Each assessment has 20 words to spell.

  • Each question has a button to hear “the word is…”, followed by the option to hear a sentence giving the word context for clarity.

  • The sentence with missing word is shown on screen and students then type the missing word.

These new assessments cover the 100 statutory words for primary years 3 & 4 and 5 & 6 that are listed in the National Curriculum, and are a great way to help your students practise their spelling in a fun and interactive way.

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