A message from the our Head of Product & self confessed maths nerd

Hi, I’m Matthew. When I was studying Maths in school and university, something worked to get me to understand mathematics and enjoy it too.

As we all know, if you enjoy  learning something, you enjoy teaching it too. So now I am driven to create the ultimate teaching experience for maths teachers across the country. As a former teacher myself, I am determined to free teachers of tedious admin and information sourcing, so that teachers are free to do what they actually want to do… teach.

Our secondary Mathletics courses are truly revolutionising the teaching experience through providing innovative, technology-driven maths solutions to enhance student learning. We are constantly developing new content and new, interactive tools which are together working to drive excellence in mathematics, and importantly, inspire a love for mathematics in all.

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Our secondary Mathletics courses for the Australian Curriculum. Aligned. Prepared. Ready.

Year 7 & 8

These are the years to develop a strong foundation in mathematical learning, in order to set students on the right path.

• Extra support for more difficult subjects. For example, Algebra is one of the most challenging topics to teach at this
level so we have provided you with an extensive array of adaptive activities, videos, eBooks, interactives and embedded
questions in Live Mathletics
• Dozens of eBooks across every strand of the curriculum
• Courses can be specially aligned to your mathematics textbook
• Videos for teachers to help demonstrate difficult concepts

Year 9 & 10

Can be the most challenging years of all for keeping students focused and engaged.

• Extra support for more difficult subjects. For example Trigonometry and Equations are often the most challenging
topics to teach at this level, so we have provided you with a huge range of activities, videos, eBooks, GeoGebra and
exam preparation books
• An assortment of student tools are available to motivate students and accommodate the switch to more independent
learning which often happens during these years
• Courses can be specially aligned to your mathematics textbook
• Dozens of eBooks across every strand of the curriculum

Year 11 & 12

Preparing students for careers and university.

• Brand new year 11 & 12 two-year courses
• Create custom courses for Australian Curriculum and VET courses
• The ability to build and refine courses throughout the year
• Dozens of eBooks across every strand of the curriculum
• Adapt courses to cater for identified weaknesses, school calendar, course outlines and textbooks

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Teaching secondary with Mathletics

  • Teaching Mathletics Secondary
  • What’s new and what’s coming
  • Secondary Student Console
  • Mathletics Assessments
  • Mathletics Reports
  • Live Mathletics – 10 levels of difficulty
  • eBooks
  • Lessons
  • Tips and Tricks

Studying secondary maths with Mathleticsmy-study-mac

Mathletics contains a wealth of multimodal support resources for secondary students. Activities,

concept and activity videos, interactives and eBooks are all ready and waiting for older students.

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