Meet your school’s newest reporting tool.

Mathletics includes a powerhouse of live data for schools and teachers. Introducing Reports

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Mathletics Reports 1Live, real-time data.

Mathletics Reports is a dynamic interface for teachers and school administrators that puts live data right where you need it – at your fingertips.

  • Live student data presented in real time.
  • Highly visual and easy to navigate interface.
  • Powerful tracking of student progress and time on task.
  • Automated diagnosis of strengths and weaknesses.
  • View summaries of achievements and certificates earned.

  • Your data. Your way.Mathletic reports 2

    Reports has been designed for schools to make most use of their data. View live data for a single student, a whole class, multiple classes – right up to the entire school.

    • Teachers can view live data for each of their classes and groups – or choose to view all classes together for a powerful and visual comparison.
    • Drill right down to the progress data for a single student.
    • View usage data, time on task and a summary of rewards achieved.
    • Year/grade level and whole-school reporting available to school administrators.
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      Mathletics Reports 2Track and target.

      View your students’ progress through their course over time. On screen graphs track and display their improvement within individual activities. Go further by assigning adaptive activities to target lower results.

      • Live data tracks and displays all student results instantly.
      • View a complete history of students’ activity within their course.
      • Target weaker results by instantly assigning tasks to complete.
      • One-click reporting across the entire course.
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        Mathletics Reports 3Diagnose.

        Automated diagnosis of relative strengths and weaknesses within the school. Powerful reporting to individually focus learning where it is needed most.

        • Live diagnosis of curriculum topic strengths and weaknesses.
        • Diagnose an individual student – or a whole class.
        • School Administrators can instantly report on target areas by entire grade or year level – or even across the entire school.