Apps? We’ve got you covered.

Introducing the suite of apps from the team at Mathletics…

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Mathletics Tablet App

Mathletics Student

Log into the Mathletics app on any compatible device and your account settings will travel with you (yes, even homework…) You don’t even need an internet connection!

  • Download Mathletics curriculum content right to your device.Mathletics Student App3

  • Assigned tasks and homework alerts pop up right on the tablet.

  • Results data syncs in real time – available to teachers and parents immediately.

  • Head to Live Mathletics to challenge your classmates – or the world!

  • NEW! No internet? No problem. Now you can access Mathletics OFFLINE via the app.

  • FREE to download – just sign in with your Mathletics username.

  • Available for iOS and Android devices.


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Mathletics Teacher App

Mathletics Teacher

Ever left for the day and forgotten to set those homework tasks? Or maybe you’d like to review student results on the commute home?

  • Access all of your students’ results data in real-time.Mathletics iPhone

  • Assign homework or classwork activities to your students – right from your phone.

  • View, update, sample and amend the course assigned to your class.

  • Student results data updates in real-time to your phone.

  • Access to the full library of Mathletics eBooks across all year levels.

  • Free to download – sign in with your Mathletics username.

  • Available for iOS and selected Android smartphones.


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Mathletics Dictionary App

The Mathletics Dictionary

A great way for students of all ages to learn mathematical terms through animated illustrations and interactive activities.

  • Mathletics dictionary

    Paid app from the team behind Mathletics.

  • Based upon the hugely popular Concept Search within Mathletics.

  • Hundreds of mathematical terms, split into easy to follow categories and subjects.

  • Interactive animations to explore and explain concepts.

  • Easy search function – search just like a real dictionary.

  • Tailored definitions for four age categories to make understanding and exploring easier.


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Times Tables Toons app

Times Tables Toons

The famous Times Tables Toons have gone on tour! Sing along with the band as they dance and count their way through the multiplication tables.

  • timestoonsPaid app from the team behind Mathletics.

  • The hugely popular Times Tables Toons from within Mathletics are now available on tablets and smartphones!

  • 11 original times tables songs from 2x to 12x tables.

  • Each song has a unique, engaging and animated story.

  • An interactive, memorable and fun way to learn multiplication skills anywhere and anytime.

  • Hugely popular with children across the world.


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Mathsterious Mansion App

NEW! The Mathsterious Mansion

The Mathsterious Mansion holds many secrets and is inhabited by a fascinating cast of characters. Your mission is to master all 5 levels… if you dare!

  • mathsteriousPaid app from the team behind Mathletics.

  • Great for mastering addition and subtraction

  • Five challenging and highly replayable levels of difficulty to unlock.

  • Two game modes plus a special Reward Game.

  • 15 collectible characters who live in the mansion, each with a hilarious history to discover!



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