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mathsteriousFrom the team at Mathletics, the Mathsterious Mansion holds many secrets and is inhabited by a fascinating cast of characters. Your mission is to master all 5 levels… if you dare!

  • Paid iPad app from the team behind Mathletics.
  • Great for learning and mastering addition and subtraction.
  • Five challenging and highly replayable levels of difficulty to unlock.
  • Two game modes plus a special Reward Game.
  • 15 collectible characters who live in the mansion, each with a hilarious history to discover!
  • mansion ipad 2Students embark on an engaging adventure to collect the full set of quirky characters that live in the mansion – mastering the skills of addition and subtraction along the way.

    • Level 1: Add/subtract a 1-digit number to/from a 1 or 2-digit number within a decade.
    • Level 2: Add/subtract a 1-digit number to/from a 1 or 2-digit number across decades.
    • Level 3: Add/subtract a multiple of ten to/from a 2-digit number.
    • Level 4: Add/subtract a 2-digit number to/from another 2-digit number.
    • Level 5: Find the missing addend, subtrahend or operation.
    • Mathsterious Mansion Characters


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