Mathletics Interactives

Over 200 unique ways to get hands on with mathematics.

Interactives quoteThink about introducing a new concept to a class. You’d maybe start at the whiteboard by drawing a shape, a graph, or an equation. This would be followed up with another to expand upon the concept. Then another… and another… and if your drawing skills were up to it, some of the class might understand. Sound familiar?

The Interactives available within Mathletics are a groundbreaking mix of education, innovation and technology. Dynamic, interactive visuals of dozens of mathematical concepts – each one designed by our own education team (themselves teachers of mathematics). Change numbers in equations or angles in geometric figures and the visuals adapt right in front of your eyes, in real time. There is no better way for students to use technology to deepen their understanding of mathematical concepts.

Over 200 curriculum-aligned Interactives are available to Secondary/High School students and have also been embedded across the range of Mathletics eBooks, allowing students to manipulate and explore deep within the examples and illustrations. A truly digital textbook. The full range are also available to teachers to build into their own custom lesson plans.

All Interactives are included within a Mathletics subscription at no additional cost – just one of the many elements that make up the award-winning resource.


See for yourself.

The below example looks at the concept of Shifting Graphs Vertically. The red, blue and green elements are all interactive and can be moved and manipulated – with the mathematics updating in real time. This is one of over 200 Interactives available to explain and explore concepts within Mathletics.


Don’t have a Mathletics subscription? Introducing Curriculum Visuals…

We have also produced a range of dedicated stand-alone resources for schools without a Mathletics subscription. With the Interactives at their core, the range of Curriculum Visuals are dedicated stand-alone websites designed to meet the specific curriculum requirements of national curricula from around the world.

Students can search by curriculum standard/outcome for Interactives and explore related problems at their own pace – with the ability to click through a series of questions to extend the concept. The Curriculum Visual websites are available via a single whole-school subscription price for an unlimited number of students.

Dedicated resources for the USA Common Core State Standards and the Australian National Curriculum are available, with more coming soon…

Australian Curriculum Visuals laptop   Common Core Visuals laptop