Teaching and learning fractions is hard…

…so we did something about it. Our team has developed a scope and sequence of fractions activities that nurtures fraction sense. Research shows that students with fraction sense have a deep and flexible understanding of fractions – crucial for future study in more advanced areas of mathematics such as algebra and probability. This better equips students to engage in rich tasks that stimulate and challenge their thinking even further.

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Fractions example1

This is an activity available within Mathletics called “Partition Into Equal Parts”.

In this activity, students partition and distribute cookies in order to give each person a fair share.

Through the action of partitioning, students are creating and naming fractions. This connects them with a key idea in fractions – namely that when the number of parts of a whole are increased, the size of the parts get smaller.


Fractions example2This is an activity available within Mathletics called “Part Whole Rods”.

The key action in this activity is iterating – the act of making copies of a unit and putting them together to make a whole.

Iteration encourages students to reason about the number of unit fractions required to make a whole. Students work towards the understanding that a fraction is not simply a part, but is the relationship between the part and the whole.


Fractions example3This is an activity available within Mathletics called “Fraction Fruit Sets 2”.

Providing a variety of interactive visual models helps students access and apply mental images by using models, benchmarks and equivalent forms to judge the size of fractions – while also making sense of fractions as operations.

Mathletics provides opportunities for students to apply their fraction sense in a variety of contexts. By encouraging students to reason and problem solve with fractions, they able to refine their thinking and gain new insights.



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