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Mathletics is a multi-award winning learning resource that encourages students and rewards results – hugely popular with students, teachers, administrators and parents alike.

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Mathletics iMac Engage


With dedicated student interfaces for Primary and Secondary-aged learners, Mathletics provides a safe, secure and engaging online world of learning for K/R-12 students.

Rewards and certificates keep students motivated, with mathematical gaming to expand upon the core strands learned along the way. No other learning resource can beat the Mathletics Effect.


Mathletics iMac TargetTarget.

Mathletics includes well over 1200 individual adaptive practice activities, covering early years to year/grade 12 – each fully aligned to a number of international curricula. Each strand, topic, domain or learning outcome is fully supported with activities, each with pre and post testing.

Our courses are ready to assign, with our custom course creator opening up an unlimited array of curriculum possibilities.


Mathletics iMac DiagnoseDiagnose.

A powerful tool within the Mathletics teacher console provides full diagnostic analysis of students’ positioning and progress through the curriculum.

Mathletics’ diagnostic testing, alongside its powerful automated reporting tools, give teachers the information to quickly and effectively create learning pathways to address the individual requirements for an entire class, or school. It’s one-click diagnosis.

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Mathletics iMac AssessAssess.

Teachers are calling the benchmark testing in Mathletics’ very own Assessments tool “revolutionary”.

Assessments are automatically marked and provide detailed reporting by class and student – including a recommended work plan of Mathletics activities for each student, targeting specific curriculum outcomes. Benchmark or track improvement. The power is in the hands of teachers.

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Mathletics iMac ReportNEW Reports.

Real-time results data driving individual learning pathways.

With a single click, fully comprehensive reports highlight not only student results and achievement, but visually identify weaknesses within specific curriculum outcomes, for any student in the school. Hugely powerful diagnostic information – placed at the fingertips of teachers.

Report Mathletics student button

Mathletics iMac LiveNot forgetting fluency…

The original and still hugely loved element of the program is Live Mathletics. A powerful real-time mathematical “race”, with students connecting with others from their own class or the other side of the world.

No tool has more impact on improving fluency in core competencies. Including questions from the “big 4″ operations – to shape, algebra, geometry, logarithms, conversions and many more…


Mathletics iMac AppsGone mobile? We’ve got an app for that.

Technology is a fast changing medium – and Mathletics moves right along with it. Students and teachers can continue to access Mathletics on the go, or in tablet-enabled classrooms.

With dedicated (and free) apps available for iOS and Android devices, learning is no longer limited to the desktop. Mathletics’ mobile offering is continually growing and expanding to include more content.


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