Free classroom resources. Yes, that’s free.

The IntoScience team have produced a range of resources to accompany the online program – perfect for adding extra spice to a classroom lesson and for engaging students.

All resources are completely free – simply browse and download below.

Periodic Table Wallcharts

No school science lab is complete without one. Motivate your students to learn the elements of the periodic table with these handy large printable wallcharts – available in several formats.

  • Standard periodic table (two versions available – Atomic Weight unrounded or rounded to 4 sig. fig. as per the Board of Studies)
  • Metals and non-metals (including visual distinctions between solids, liquids and gases)
  • Metals, semi-metals and non-metals (including visual distinctions between solids, liquids and gases)
  • Groups of elements

IntoScience Periodic Table 1     IntoScience Periodic Table 2

                                      Download (standard)           Download (4 sig. fig.)                                                                                     Download

IntoScience Periodic Table 3     IntoScience Periodic Table 4

Download                                                                                                                              Download