IntoSci_CSIRO_Logo_PrintAustralia’s Biggest (virtual) School Excursion –

National Science Week’s biggest free online learning event 

Intoscience, in partnership with the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO),
are proud to present the first real-world learning environment for teachers and students – the Jenolan Caves.


Jenolan-mac2-300x375Take your students on a new learning adventure

  • No buses, parent permission notes, or fees to organise!
  • Explore the Jenolan Caves – an important scientific environment full of learning opportunities.
  • No crowds, as each student enjoys an individual experience – any time, anywhere.
  • Engage your students in a unique online sandbox, full of Year 7 and 8 curriculum aligned activities and virtual experiments.


Explore the Jenolan Caves from your classroom

Puzzle-mac-300x375Made to help students study science

The Investigation Program operates as both a teaching and learning tool, providing teachers and students with an interactive resource to excite interest in scientific discovery. The activities are designed to facilitate independent and group learning, and give teachers the option to either control student access or allow students to freely discover the caves.

Read about how IntoScience and the Jenolan Caves helps student learning.


Park-Mac-300x375Science becomes easier to teach in the Jenolan Caves

You can use the investigation program to teach in many different ways. The Jenolan Caves contain hours of content aligned to the National Curriculum: Science. Use this environment to engage your students and deliver valuable lessons with real, measurable outcomes.

Teachers can find more information on visiting our virtual Jenolan Caves environment via the link below.


Curriculum-AlignmentFully aligned to the National Science Curriculum (Years 7 – 9)

The learning content within the caves is fully aligned to the National Science Curriculum for years 7 – 9, to ensure that every step in your students’ journey is relevant to what they are learning in class.


Want to know more about the Jenolan Caves?

Find out why the Jenolan Caves are such an interesting and important part of Australia’s scientific history (and future) by reading our blog post: The Jenolan Caves – 6 reasons why they are one of the world’s most valuable education resources.


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