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Gooseberry Planet Teacher Workshop – A Whole School Approach to Online Safety

Gooseberry Planet - Workshop

The workshop: Gooseberry Planet – A Whole School Approach to Online Safety

Gooseberry Planet is passionate about raising the profile of E-Safety in schools and about engaging and educating the whole school community. Parents and teachers have a combined responsibility to protect and prepare children for life online.

  • Gooseberry Teacher – overview of admin portal, adding students, results & assessment, permission setting, workbooks and in-class resources and materials
  • Gooseberry Student – live demonstration of the app and game-based learning scenarios
  • Gooseberry Parent – results panel, learning tutorials and engagement features
  • Curriculum Mapping – A closer look at how Gooseberry Planet content is aligned to the PSHE and ICT curriculums, along with the UKCCIS framework
  • Your Schools Story – an open opportunity for educators to share their views of online safety in general. What is your school doing now? Are trending apps like snapchat, instagram and tik tok being used widely in your school? Could the explosive growth of online gaming be impacting your schools performance with addictive games like Fortnite? Are you even aware of them?
  • We’re Open! – Q&A session for educators to ask questions about the Gooseberry Planet features & content and even share ideas for improvement and future development
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Charlie is our e-safety lead and the face of Gooseberry Planet globally. Gooseberry Planet uses gamification to engage students with scenario based learning and provides teachers with all the tools they need to properly educate children on how to be safe online.  Looking to go beyond one-off workshops and take a ‘whole school community’ approach to online safeguarding?  Charlie is your man.

Charlie - Mathletics