Certification FAQs

What is Mathletics Certification?

Certification recognises and rewards Mathletics teachers who are leading quality teaching and learning with technology in their classroom. By achieving targeted indicators, teachers attain focused outcomes across three levels: student engagement, teaching and assessment. For more information visit www.mathletics.com/certification

What is a Mathletics Lead Educator?

Lead Educators are Mathletics experts who support, drive and share innovation and best practice in their classrooms and across the school. Lead Educators integrate Mathletics to target their school's numeracy goals. For more information visit www.mathletics.com/certification.

What happens after I achieve Lead Educator status?

Join with two other Lead Educators at your school to achieve Lead School status.

Does Certification count towards my professional development?

Yes!  You will receive a certificate upon completion of each level.  Mathletics Certification may count towards your non-accredited PD hours, please check with your teacher registration body.

Do you have to complete all certification levels?

No, although there is a well supported pathway through all available levels.

Do I need to achieve Level 1 certification before gaining Level 2 or Lead Educator status?

Yes. Level 2 must be commenced after achieving Level 1 certification.  You may complete Lead Educator Certification independent of Certification Levels 1 or 2.

Do I have to complete all indicators?

Yes, all indicators must be achieved to have your Certification level validated.

How long does it take to reach each certification level?

This can vary depending on each individual teacher (and the volume/frequency of Mathletics use) but typically takes between one and three months.

Does my certification last forever?

Certification reflects the integration of Mathletics in your teaching and remains current for two years.

What is the cost of Mathletics certification?

There is no cost to participate in the Mathletics Certification Pathway – and so much to gain!

I was a certified teacher at my last school, but I have now moved

Good news - your certification travels with you (provided it was gained in the last two years). Utilise your established skills to share your knowledge within your new school. You might even consider undertaking the next level of certification!

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