Week 2: Get Reading!

Mission #2: Now that your students have been assessed and placed … it’s time to get started on
the reading lessons!

Reading Eggs

Define itGet your students started on their assigned reading lessons, as determined by the Placement Tests.

How do the Reading Eggs lessons work?

Once logged in, the students can start learning straight away! Reading Eggs is designed to allow students to learn at a rate that suits their level of ability and progress.

Each lesson is based on a framework which initially introduces students to new words and sentence structures, then allows students to put their learning into practice through reading the related book; and finally students are able to test their understanding through the ‘Quiz’ component at the end of each lesson.

As students progress through the various lessons and maps, they are always able to repeat lessons in order to overcome any difficulties.

What are the different lessons available?


Reading lessons
Reading lessons are the core of the Reading Eggs resource. Each lesson builds on the previous one to build skills in the five key areas, mentioned last week, that are needed for students to become good readers. Students receive instant recommendations of reading lessons (after completing reading lesson 10).

Next Storylands lessons
Storylands builds reading, vocabulary and comprehension skills. It’s perfect for children who have begun to read but aren’t quite ready for Reading Eggspress. Once all 120 reading lessons are complete, the next Storylands lesson is automatically recommended.

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”

~ Dr Suess

Reading Eggspress

dictionaryImprove your students’ language and comprehension skills with the Reading Eggspress lessons!

How do the Reading Eggspress lessons work?

Reading Eggpress provides a unique learning environment where students’ can improve their English language and comprehension skills in a way that is exciting and relevant.  They explore a complete world with a wide variety of both learning and fun experiences. The range of activities motivates students to return regularly to complete lessons, compete against others, earn more rewards and improve their skills.

As touched on last week, the comprehension gym is where students get to practise their comprehension skills. The gym is divided into five sections, catering for students aged 7-13. Each section consists of four levels, with ten texts per level. The texts cover a wide range of genres, including narratives, fairy tales, folk tales, myths and legends, persuasive texts, informational texts, drama, poetry and transactional writing such as invitations, postcards and letters.

After studying a text, students are required to answer 16 questions, which are drawn from a pool of 32. The questions cover the four major categories of questioning and are designed to test the student’s ability to understand both the literal meaning of the text as well as the subtext.

Lesson Sample
Mandy Made Me Do It
Comprehension Gym level 2.2 – 2
Reading age 6.5 – 7.5

Teacher Resource

View a sample lesson today!

More for teachers

There is an extensive range of teaching resources to supplement ABC Reading Eggspress in the classroom and support you as you develop your students’ skills in literacy.

The reporting function in Reading Eggspress has a comprehensive reporting system that tracks progress. This allows teachers to clearly see each students achievements. To assist teachers in targeting comprehension there are interactive presentations across all levels covering areas of learning such as figurative, inferential and literal:

Targeting Comprehension

  • Comprehension is a fundamental skill that primary students need to start developing from a young age. This is because helping students understand that texts carry meaningful messages, and supporting them in exploring those meanings, are critical in learning to read. reading for meaning and making inferences from text.
  • Targeting Comprehension Interactively is a powerful tool for teaching comprehension using an interactive whiteboard. The program features ten colourful and engaging text extracts in a variety of genres with an audio track for Lower Primary; Middle Primary; and Upper Primary. This allows primary students to develop and improve strong comprehension strategies.  There is also a teachers resource section, which provides the Australian Curriculum correlation chart as well as additional teaching ideas and notes on texts.


Good Luck and Happy Reading!