Welcome! As part of the celebrations for Naidoc Week, students from schools across Queensland are invited to represent their school in this FREE and FUN online maths competition.

In this competition students will compete in live, multi-player maths challenges on numeracy facts and also are challenged in self paced adaptive curriculum questions on the Mathletics platform.

Simple to register and participate… and it’s absolutely FREE!

Registrations are open from 9 June 2014!
Students can warm up from 14 July 2014
The challenge runs from 21 July to 27 July 2014

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TrophyThe first, second and third placed schools will win an iPad mini each.

The first, second and third placed students will each win a Dreaming Big Maths Challenge Trophy.

All students who earn over 1000 points during the warm up period or the competition will be awarded a digital bronze certificate.

N.B. Only official schools and students with accounts attached to official schools will be eligible to win a prize.


What is the Dreaming Big Maths Challenge?
This online competition is a celebration of maths to encourage and inspire students across Queensland to enjoy mathematics and learning. The competition will run through Mathletics, the educational website for learning mathematics.

Can I use an iPad to compete?
Yes, you can download the free Mathletics App from the iTunes store. Sign in using your username and password. Please note that not all curriculum activities are available via the app however, all 10 levels of Live Mathletics are accessible via the iPad App.

How do students participate?
All registered students are provided with a username and password and will have access to the Mathletics website. In Mathletics, students can complete adaptive maths activities as well 60 seconds Live Mathletics races! Answering questions correctly earns points for each student, as well as their class and school. Competition open and close times are as follows:

21 July   12:00am AEST – Competition opens
27 July 11:59pm AEST – Competition ends

There is no limit on the amount of time students need to participate. Students can compete anytime and any day throughout the competition either at school or at home. It’s about having fun.

Why Participate?
It’s FREE and FUN! This is an ideal way to inspire your students by doing something different with maths. Engage your students and celebrate confidence with numbers. Students are motivated to improve their speed and accuracy in live games which are suited to varying ability levels.

How do I Register?
Teachers, register your school and students by going to the Registration Page and downloading a registration spreadsheet via the link provided. Complete the spreadsheet with your students’ names as per the instructions listed, then email the completed spreadsheet to the Dreaming Big Maths Challenge team – challenge@3plearning.com

Our school already subscribes to Mathletics, can we still participate?
Yes, your school has automatically been registered for the competition. Please just email challenge@3plearning.com to let us know of your school’s intention to participate in this competition. Your students just need to sign in at www.mathletics.com.au and their participation points earned during the week will count towards the competition.

Where do students sign in to practice and compete?
All students sign in at www.mathletics.com.au, warm up for the challenge begins from 14 July.

What curriculum questions will students answer during the competition?
Students will have a variety of grade appropriate curriculum activities to answer based on the grade level provided by their teacher at registration. Mathletics subscribers will use their existing curriculum activities.

How will winners be announced?
See the Breaking News section for all updates throughout the competition. At the completion of the competition winners will be announced under this section also.Rules

Click here for the rules of the Dreaming Big Maths Challenge 2014

Contact Us

Phone: 1300 850 331
Email: challenge@3plearning.com