1. Points from Live Mathletics and Curriculum Activities will be awarded to students individually and are only recorded throughout the competition period listed below.

  21 July 12:00am AEST – Competition opens
  27 July 11:59pm AEST – Competition ends

2. Points are awarded to students when answering questions correctly in Live Mathletics and Curriculum Activities.

Live Mathletics: Students earn 1 point per correct answer in Mathletics Live, 2 points per correct answer on bonus levels (e.g. Student A answers 25 questions correctly in 60 seconds, they receive 25 points)

Curriculum Activities: Students earn 10 points per correct answer in Mathletics Curriculum Activities. Please note that a student can only earn a maximum of 300 points per curriculum activity.

3. A school must have a minimum number of 10 participating students to be eligible for the school prize

4. To allow fair competition between schools of different sizes, schools will be awarded points using the average of the total points of all participating students in the school. This is calculated by adding all participation points from each student in the competition then dividing by the total number of students in the school. e.g. “School A” has 100 students participating in the event and their total points are 50,000. The school’s total is therefore 50,000/100=500.

5. Once the challenge is complete, all results will be verified by the Mathletics Challenge team. Upon completion of verification, the winners will be announced on the Breaking News page.

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