Challenge 1: Find your place and start eggsploring

Congratulations! You have officially started your 2017 Reading Eggspedition. Your first challenge, and the best first step in any Reading Eggs journey is to complete the placement test for Reading Eggs or Reading Eggspress. The first time your students log in, they will be automatically prompted to take the placement test. The placement test consists [...]

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Challenge 2: Start Reading!

Well done for making it to the next phase of the 2017 Reading Eggspedition. Now that your students have been placed on their own learning pathways, it's time to start reading! Over the last few days you and your students might have started to eggsplore the reading and comprehension lessons available in Reading Eggs and [...]

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Challenge 3: Spelling Skills

It's the final challenge of the Reading Eggspedition and it's time to test those spelling skills. By now, you and your students should have explored the reading and comprehension lessons and taken a look around the Library, but did you know that Reading Eggs and Eggspress have a whole series of Spelling activities too? Let's [...]

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Love Learning Conference Pakistan 2016

LLC PK. is a reflection of our passion to establish a platform where schools, educators, families, in fact everyone gets an opportunity to engage and Love Learning. After a successful event in 2015, this year LLC, with a perfect panel of motivating speakers, proved to be an inspiring conference for K-12 educators. It enabled them [...]

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Meet Your World Education Games Ambassadors!

The World Education Games are nearing, say hello to Canada's Ambassadors! Mathletes, parents and teachers, get ready! The world's largest education competition - the World Education Games (WEG) is returning in October 2015 and we want you to know all about it! It's a FREE online education event uniting children from around the world through friendly [...]

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Educational Crusader to bring her world renowned ‘creative thinking in mathematics’ workshop to New Zealand.

Known for her message of ‘Big ideas’ and ground-breaking research into questioning strategies in mathematics, Dr. Marian Small is bringing her world renowned critical and creative thinking workshop to New Zealand for the first time this August. Dr. Small’s Building Critical and Creative Thinkers in Mathematics in Year 1 – Year 10 workshop explores ways [...]

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Brendan Spillane on Personal Balance and a High Performance Mindset

 Brendan Spillane asks how to bring artistry to your performance Whether you are leading, a school, a class or simply trying to lead a life of purpose and contribution - the fluid complexity of our times poses significant challenge. Setting yourself in balanced response to this challenge is critical because everything depends on how you [...]

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Brian Host Mathletics Lead Educator shares his EduTech Takeaways

  MLE Brian Host at EduTECH 2015 EduTech Day 1 Takeaways I love the ability of educators to connect and the power of this has been shown today at EduTech Australia. Previously working in other field speakers were often distant and untouchable; however, the key notes, session leaders and seminar speakers were accessible. [...]

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Congratulations Stuart McClorey Winner of Mathletics Teacher Certification Challenge

Winner Stuart McClorey of St Jerome's Primary School, Munster WA Supporting the incredible energy being created by Mathletics teachers in their classrooms, this Teacher Certification Challenge asks teachers to get Mathletics Certified and answer the question:    How has Teacher Certification impacted teaching and learning in your class or in your school?   Stuart McClorey's winning response: [...]

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Implementing Inquiry with Tom Barrett in Perth

I see the inquiry process model as a fundamental tool for designing thinking to promote curiosity.  Loretta Hackner-Rowland, St Peter's PS in Inglewood On Thursday last week Tom Barrett from Notosh presented his Designing Learning for Authentic Inquiry workshop as part of our 2015 Love Learning Roadshow.  The workshop is designed to be an highly engaging [...]

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Registered Schools – California Catholic Math Bowl 2015

Once your school is on the registration list, you are registered to compete in the California Catholic Math Bowl! If you see your  school name below but do not have student login cards yet, please click one of the links below, complete the form with student names and email back to usa@3plearning.com. Click below to download [...]

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Registrations are now open for the Gauteng Maths Challenge

Students and teachers from the Guteng province are invited to represent their school in this FREE and FUN online maths competition. The Gauteng Maths Challenge will see Year 10 and 11 students compete in live, multi-player challenges. What’s more, students will be challenged with self-paced adaptive curriculum questions – all using the Mathletics platform.

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FOBISIA Mathletics Challenge Day 2: Final Results

Whilst a lot of work went on behind the scenes at the 3P Learning Offices to ensure that the FOBISIA Mathletics Challenge ran smoothly and was scored fairly, we know that it was nothing compared to the many questions answered by thousands of busy students all keen to challenge each other online and win Subscriptions [...]

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Day 1 of FOBISIA Mathletics Challenge a Great Success!

Teachers reading this post will be aware that the Mathletics challenge has been hotly contested amongst the FOBISIA Schools in the Asian Region. It is a shame that we cannot set up a leaderboard to give you instant data but we are also glad that we have been in a position to do a lot [...]

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Great Finish to the 2015 SEAMC Pre-Round contested on Mathletics Platform

By the time you read this the SEAMC Event will have concluded for another year and another group of students will have had the benefit of experiencing a great weekend of Challenge, Fun and networking that will go some way to shaping their future. 3P Learning were once again proud to be a part of [...]

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