Winners of the School Prize Draw 2016

Over the past few weeks we've received many entries into the School Prize Draw, where schools have the chance to win some awesome tech gizmos and gadgets for their school. We're pleased to announce the winners of the 2016 School Prize Draw are: 1st PRIZE Boolarra Primary School, VICTORIA Are the [...]

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NEW: Mathletics Secondary Interface

Secondary school is a whole new world and a new school demands an older, more study-focused interface for students. The new Mathletics Secondary console is purpose-built to provide students with the study tools and maths resources they need to progress through the Australian secondary mathematics curriculum, allowing them to take greater control of their own learning. [...]

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Cracking Cross-Curricula Coverage

ABC Reading Eggs brings a wealth of extra resources into your classroom, it's more than just a tool for building students’ essential reading and comprehension skills. Over 2,000 eBooks in the Reading Eggs Library cover a vast array of topics from Antarctica to Zoo Animals and can boost your resources within other subject areas. There [...]

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2016 Teacher Certification Challenge Wrap-Up

The 2016 Teacher Certification Challenge has officially ended and the winners have been announced. Congratulations Russell MacKenzie from Newstead Christian School, Launceston, TAS and Amy Williums from St Joseph’s School, Queens Park, WA. Click here to see their winning responses. These deserving teachers have each won a Microsoft Surface Book to enhance teaching and [...]

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Cracking the code: Western Australia teachers join the coding craze

Coding. It’s the latest learning trend to sweep the world and for good reason. Technology is becoming increasingly prevalent in our personal and working lives. Research from Deloitte found Australia will need 100,000 additional workers with ICT skills within the next five years and some students will end up in jobs that [...]

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How to make learning memorable

Motivating students is a frequently cited concern for teachers. Most teachers know that motivated students mean happy and academically successful students, but how do you motivate reluctant students to learn? One way is to make every lesson one of a kind, making them memorable in their own right. You can teach to [...]

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Leonardo Mason – World Record Breaker

Live Mathletics has always been a favourite for many students across the world. It puts students through maths concepts in an adrenaline rush of quick thinking to help build retention of learning concepts. We've seen some amazing scores over the years as some students push themselves to achieve unbelievable feats of mathematical speed and [...]

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Welcoming WA Reading Eggs Lead Educator Amy Williums, St Joseph’s School, Queens Park

Reading Eggs Lead Educator Amy Williums Amy Williums leading Reading Eggs at St Joseph's School Having worked as an education assistant and currently a special needs assistant for over 8 years Amy, has seen the difference an engaging and exciting program can make to a child’s learning. When introduced to Reading Eggs [...]

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Top Ten Mathletes for Your School Newsletter

Each student is different in how they learn, but one thing they all have in common is that the more time and energy they put into their education the greater the results. So what can you do to give these hard workers the acknowledgment they deserve? Mathletics reports are set up in a [...]

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Pi Day 2016: Celebrate with the Mathletics team

Let's talk Pi (π) Happy 3.14159265359 Day! That’s right, the 14 March is the annual worldwide celebration of Pi. Pi is represented by the Greek symbol π. Did you know that the number Pi (π) is a mathematical constant whose value is the ratio of any circle circumference (C) to its diameter (d) and is [...]

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Meet the four types of Mathletics learners

It is well known that students have different learning styles. There is no one-size-fits-all approach that will result in all students mastering a concept. This is why Mathletics is designed to adapt to the evolving learning styles of students letting them approach learning in a way that is beneficial for them. Competitor [...]

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NEW: The Reading Eggs Certification Pathway

Here at 3P Learning one of our main goals is to support our schools and create strong communities of like-minded educators by sharing knowledge, skills and expertise. The brand new Reading Eggs Certification Pathway acknowledges and rewards the outstanding contribution teachers are making on behalf of students and school communities. Reading Eggs certification [...]

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How can I start a makerspace at my school?

So, you've decided a makerspace might be something that your school could get behind. Great! Following are the steps to set up your school's very own innovation station. 1. Find your space Your first step to starting a maker at your school is to establish the right space. This might be in the library or somewhere where [...]

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Inspiring innovation with makerspaces

The world is not what it used to be – and I don’t mean that in a negative sense. Technology is rapidly changing how we live our lives. We have phones and cars that talk to us, we can do the weekly shopping from the comfort of our lounges, we have fridges [...]

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Using technology to individualise and differentiate student learning

What is individualised learning? Individualised learning is a method of instruction in which the content and pace of learning are adapted to the individual needs of each learner. In contrast to conventional classroom instruction, this learning method places students at the center of their learning and ensures that each student's learning demands are individually [...]

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