Seize the Day

What would you do if I promised, just by reading this article, I would give you $1,440 to spend today and then each and every day after? What would you do with that money? Would you go out and buy something that you have been saving for, or would you spend it on [...]

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Attitude is EVERYTHING

Life would be a dream if it worked out how it’s supposed to! Surely it’s not too much for any of us to expect things could start to go our way for once, right? Well there is a way for this to happen and it comes without any strings attached, it’s completely free [...]

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Bouncing back: Helping our children develop resilience

I get knocked down but I get up again and again and again… There’s a never ending list of things that keeps parents awake at night. For new parents it is the nightly feeds and nappy changes, however it doesn’t end once they finally sleep the night through. Ask anyone with kids, [...]

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Is Your Child Reaching The Right Benchmarks?

From the moment our children are born, their development is measured and analysed. Right at the very start of life they are observed and given a ranking according to how well they take their first breaths and this sets the scene for a seemingly endless range of evaluations that continue their entire [...]

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UNICEF and 3P Learning invite you and your school to take part in the World’s Largest Lesson during the week of 18 September 2016

Launched in 2015, the World’s Largest Lesson took place in 100 countries and inspired millions of students to take an active part in making the goals a reality. It was supported by education advocate Malala Yousafzai, tennis star Serena Williams and Brazilian striker Neymar. UNICEF and 3P Learning have partnered since 2012 to support programmes [...]

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Help! My child’s homework is giving me a headache!

Do you find yourself battling it out most nights of the week trying to get your children to complete their homework? Is there a constant battle to get your kids to sit and complete assignments on time? Conflict over homework tasks is one of the most common concerns parents complain about and [...]

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I’m too busy – I need to outsource my outsourcing…

We live in the most fascinating time. Never before in the history of human existence has technology evolved so rapidly. While it is exciting, it also creates a crazed and frantic pace in our lives. In order to get through the day, many families outsource household chores. But have we taken it [...]

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Three home holiday activities to keep the brain active

A child’s mind is always absorbing information, so creating fun and educational activities for your children is a great way to ensure they’re remaining proactive learners whilst enjoying the relaxing comforts holidays have to offer. 1. Community Connect with your local council or library to find out about holiday activities which [...]

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Leonardo Mason – World Record Breaker

Live Mathletics has always been a favourite for many students across the world. It puts students through maths concepts in an adrenaline rush of quick thinking to help build retention of learning concepts. We've seen some amazing scores over the years as some students push themselves to achieve unbelievable feats of mathematical speed and [...]

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Educating Our Daughter Abroad

In early 2015 we made the decision to relocate from Brisbane, Queensland to Bangkok, Thailand. We decided that we needed a six month break from the tiresome nine to five to concentrate on what was really important to us, family. Shortly after our daughter turned two, we jetted off on our adventure [...]

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New Interactive: Passing Time by Dr Marian Small

The Mathletics development team is pleased to announce the release of a brand new 'low floor, high ceiling' interactive. Passing Time, from Dr Marian Small, is the newest addition to Mathletics for Middle Primary students and teachers. You'll find it under the Year 3 tab of the eBook section but it is suitable [...]

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Achievement and accomplishment – what’s the difference?

The terms achievement and accomplishment are both used when relating a task, objective or action to successful intentions or perceived mental direction. Both are used interchangeably as a positive indicator of progression, but to what extent are these terms interchangeable in their meaning? Marc Prensky has recently written a piece on ‘Achievement VS [...]

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Coding with your kids

The digital age is here and with it comes rapid technological change. Data, information, processes and digital systems are advancing the way the world operates and it is vital that our children are taught the skills to keep up. To help empower our children in these aspects the Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies [...]

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Are parents the missing key to success for all students?

Learning is like getting a driving licence. There is a benchmark that all who wish to drive must meet to be of a standard to drive on our roads. Most students reach this milestone in their lives.  Some on the first go and some taking longer. What doesn't change is the benchmark. You are the one who knows [...]

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Mathletics Lead Educator Emina Avdic Woodridge North SS

Emina Avdic, currently a classroom teacher of grade 6, has been in teaching for the past five years and loved every minute of it. Her key passion is making a difference in low SES schools.  Moreover she is 2 years from completing her Masters of Inclusive Education and will use this to enhance her teaching [...]

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