Seize the Day

What would you do if I promised, just by reading this article, I would give you $1,440 to spend today and then each and every day after? What would you do with that money? Would you go out and buy something that you have been saving for, or would you spend it on [...]

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Attitude is EVERYTHING

Life would be a dream if it worked out how it’s supposed to! Surely it’s not too much for any of us to expect things could start to go our way for once, right? Well there is a way for this to happen and it comes without any strings attached, it’s completely free [...]

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Supporting EAL within UK schools

. How can e-learning help to support EAL reading and language skills in UK schools? The background for EAL within the UK Official figures from the Department for Education in 2014 showed that over 1 million pupils in the UK speak English as an additional language [...]

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Bouncing back: Helping our children develop resilience

I get knocked down but I get up again and again and again… There’s a never ending list of things that keeps parents awake at night. For new parents it is the nightly feeds and nappy changes, however it doesn’t end once they finally sleep the night through. Ask anyone with kids, [...]

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Bringing the fizz back into learning

In the last few days, our friend and educationalist Dan Meyer has once again inspired us with his recent post Collective effervescence is the cost of personalized learning. This term comes from the French sociologist Émile Durkheim, and refers to the fizz or buzz that is generated from the social experience of participation. [...]

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Stimulating curiosity to enhance learning

Curiosity is born from a desire to learn for the sake of gaining new knowledge about a particular subject or idea. In contrast to rote learning practices, curiosity promotes a deeper level of understanding as it motivates a learner to think critically and engage with the material to seek out answers. Research [...]

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The benefits of online learning spaces

It’s not a groundbreaking concept to suggest that students benefit from individualised learning practices. Every student learns in a different way, and teaching methods that are effective for one student may not be compatible with another’s preferred learning style. But it is a difficult task for teachers to tailor their lessons to [...]

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UNICEF and 3P Learning invite you and your school to take part in the World’s Largest Lesson during the week of 18 September 2016

Launched in 2015, the World’s Largest Lesson took place in 100 countries and inspired millions of students to take an active part in making the goals a reality. It was supported by education advocate Malala Yousafzai, tennis star Serena Williams and Brazilian striker Neymar. UNICEF and 3P Learning have partnered since 2012 to support programmes [...]

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Cracking the code: Western Australia teachers join the coding craze

Coding. It’s the latest learning trend to sweep the world and for good reason. Technology is becoming increasingly prevalent in our personal and working lives. Research from Deloitte found Australia will need 100,000 additional workers with ICT skills within the next five years and some students will end up in jobs that [...]

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Congrats Reading Eggs Lead Ed Christine Peterson, Scots PCG College, QLD

Christine Peterson, Scots PCG College, QLD Christine Peterson has been the Reading Eggs coordinator for the entire time the program has been in use at her school.  She is the Learning Support Aide for junior and middle school, and is currently in the final year of her Bachelor of Education at USQ, with a [...]

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Emina Avdic now Reading Eggs Lead Educator at Woodridge North PS, QLD

Emina Avdic has returned to double her Lead Educator status, recently completing Reading Eggs Certification as a Lead Educator. Emina teaches primary students at Woodridge North PS, in QLD .  She currently has a "1:1 laptops class of wonderful year 6 students"! Commencing her teaching career in 2012, she holds the roles of ICT and Maths [...]

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How to make learning memorable

Motivating students is a frequently cited concern for teachers. Most teachers know that motivated students mean happy and academically successful students, but how do you motivate reluctant students to learn? One way is to make every lesson one of a kind, making them memorable in their own right. You can teach to [...]

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Teaching in the Spotlight: Michael Wales, NSW Teacher

We asked Michael Wales,  Lead Educator, what has Reading Eggs Certification meant to teaching and learning for his students? Completing Level 1 certification has allowed me to become more proficient with using the Reading Eggs program by using Big Books, book notes and the additional teacher resources with planning and managing individual lessons as well as [...]

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Michael Wales makes Mathletics Lead Educator, Sydney NSW

Michael Wales is a primary classroom teacher, Stage 3 and Stage 2,  and has been a teacher for nearly two years.  He sees teaching as being a role model for students, an exemplar for acceptable student behaviour and a leader and facilitator of student learning, academic, social and personal development.  He is passionate about nurturing students as [...]

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Reading Eggs – Big Books and Big Notes

Book Books This area covers 34 Reading Recovery levels with over 330 books. most of the books will have book notes and Reading Record Sheets, these will feature in a link under the title of the books that contain these options on the Big Books page. Big books can be [...]

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