Mathletics and the Edmonton Public Schools

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Mathletics has been hugely successful in improving math results across the district – with fantastic usage, improvement and engagement across the subscribed schools. The community is growing all the time, take a look at the schools within the district already using Mathletics in their classrooms…


Schools across the Edmonton Public Schools are subscribed to Mathletics…

• Abbott Elementary
• Afton School of the Arts
• Alberta School For The Deaf
• Aldergrove Elementary
• Allendale School
• Amiskwaciy Academy
• Athlone Elementary
• Avalon School-FI
• Avonmore Elementary – Junior High
• Balwin School
• Bannerman Elementary/Junior High
• Baturyn Elementary
• Beacon Heights Elementary
• Belgravia Elementary
• Belmead Elementary
• Belmont Elementary
• Belvedere Elementary
• Bessie Nichols School
• Blair McPherson School
• Brander Gardens Elementary
• Brightview Elementary
• Britannia Junior High
• Brookside Elementary
• Caernarvon Elementary
• Calder Elementary
• Callingwood Elementary
• Centennial School
• Clara Tyner Elementary
• Coronation Elementary
• Crawford Plains Elementary
• Crestwood Elementary-Junior High
• D.S. MacKenzie School
• Daly Grove Elementary
• Dan Knott Junior High
• Delton Elementary
• Delwood Elementary
• Dickinsfield School
• Donnan School
• Dovercourt Elementary
• Dr. Donald Massey School
• Duggan Elementary
• Dunluce School
• Earl Buxton Elementary
• Eastglen Senior High School
• Ecole Greenview Elementary-FI
• Edith Rogers Junior High
• Edmonton Christian School – Northeast Campus
• Ekota Elementary
• Escuela Mill Creek School
• Florence Hallock School
• Forest Heights Elementary
• Fraser School
• Garneau School
• George H. Luck Elementary
• George P. Nicholson Elementary
• Glendale Elementary
• Glengarry School
• Glenora Elementary
• Grandview Heights Elementary-Junior High
• Greenfield School
• Grovenor Elementary
• Highlands School
• Hillcrest Junior High
• Holyrood Elementary
• Homesteader Elementary
• Horse Hill School
• Inglewood Elementary
• J.A. Fife Elementary
• Jackson Heights School
• James Gibbons Elementary
• John A. McDougall Elementary
• John Barnett Elementary
• John D. Bracco Junior High
• Johnny Bright School
• Julia Kiniski Elementary
• Kameyosek Elementary
• Kate Chegwin Junior High
• Kensington Elementary
• Kildare Elementary
• Kirkness Elementary
• L.Y. Cairns Junior-Senior High
• Lago Lindo Elementary
• Lansdowne School
• Lauderdale Elementary
• Laurier Heights School
• Lawton Junior High School
• Lee Ridge Elementary
• Londonderry Junior High
• Lynnwood Elementary
• Major General Griesbach – Elementary/Junior High
• Malcolm Tweddle Elementary
• Malmo Elementary
• Mary Butterworth Junior High
• Mayfield Elementary
• McArthur School
• McKee Elementary
• McKernan School
• McLeod School
• Meadowlark Elementary
• Mee-Yah-Noh Elementary
• Menisa Elementary School
• Meyokumin Elementary
• Meyonohk Elementary
• Michael Strembitsky School
• Millwoods Christian School
• Minchau Elementary
• Montrose Elementary
• Mount Royal Elementary
• Northmount Elementary
• Norwood Elementary
• Oliver Elementary/Junior High
• Overlanders Elementary
• Patricia Heights Elementary
• Pollard Meadows Elementary
• Prince Charles Elementary
• Princeton Elementary
• Richard Secord Elementary
• Rideau Park Elementary
• Riverdale Elementary
• RJ Scott School
• Rosslyn Junior High
• Rundle Elementary
• Rutherford Elementary
• S. Bruce Smith Junior High
• Sakaw Elementary
• Satoo Elementary
• Scott Robertson Elementary
• Sherwood Elementary
• Sifton Elementary
• Spruce Avenue School
• Steele Heights Junior High
• Steinhauer Elementary
• T.D. Baker Junior High
• Talmud Torah After School
• Thorncliffe Elementary
• Tipaskan Elementary
• Velma E. Baker Elementary
• Vernon Barford Junior High
• Victoria School of Performing and Visual Arts
• Vimy Ridge Academy – Campus Secondary
• Virginia Park Elementary
• Waverley Elementary
• Weinlos Elementary
• Westbrook Elementary
• Westglen Elementary
• Westlawn School
• Westmount Junior High
• Windsor Park Elementary
• Winterburn Elementary-Junior High
• York Elementary
• Youngstown Elementary

are currently subscribed to Mathletics in schools across the district


across the district are currently subscribed to Mathletics


within Mathletics by students across the district this year*


assigned by teachers to their students across the district this year*

Raising grades across the district…

Our education team obsesses about what engages students to motivate and build confidence. To demonstrate the impact of Mathletics, we conducted a study of the schools across the Edmonton Public Schools…

math results new york

On average, students using Mathletics in schools across the district have improved their results by…

*Data based on student and teacher usage of Mathletics across the district (Sept ’15 – Dec ’15)

Tested and proven.

Built and designed for Alberta students.

Following the provincial curriculum in your school? We’ve got you covered. Targeted, adaptive and engaging content designed to meet the expectations of the Alberta, with reporting and assessments to match. Mathletics includes custom courses, created specifically to meet the expectations.

Created by our education team, they’re ready and waiting for you. 

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Celebrating successes across Alberta

“We have found Mathletics to be a great success at our school. As educators we have found it to be an invaluable assessment and supplemental tool. We appreciate that it gives the students at home access for extra support and makes learning math enjoyable.
We would highly recommend Mathletics to anyone thinking of using this program in their classroom or school.”
Katherine Kauffeldt, Duggan Elementary School

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