We all know that the Mathletics global community is huge (over 4 million teachers and students – and always growing!) but some days even that huge number gets overtaken in the headlines by an even larger one….

When the team at Mathletics first created the program we placed a totalometer on the homepage, to show everyone exactly how many questions had been correctly answered by students using Mathletics right around the world, and it’s been whizzing skywards ever since.

Today, a huge milestone was reached with the 15 BILLIONTH correct answer! WOW! This is a huge achievement – and you, as a Mathletics user, are a part of it. Each one of those homework questions you’ve completed over the years, every test question and every game of Live Mathletics has contributed to this massive number. Give yourselves a pat on the back!

Missed the big moment? Catch it again here.

Did you know, if you tried to count to 15 billion (at approximately one number per second) it would take you over 475 YEARS (so maybe don’t try that one in class today…!)

Now, anyone for 20,000,000,000 answers? What are you still reading this for? Let’s get logged in!