3P Learning is excited to announce our partnership with the tech powerhouse, Microsoft, which today brings the release of the hugely popular Mathletics Student app to the Windows app store. This is the first of many exciting releases that allows students to access Live Mathletics through their Student Console, with features such as Concept Search and curriculum activities to follow shortly. 

Features included in the Mathletics Student app:

  • A slick and exciting student interface (custom designed for the tablets).
  • Live Mathletics – including TEN levels for students to play others across the world and within their school in head-to-head arithmetic battles.
  • All results and points recorded and synced in real time with a students’ desktop account for teachers/parents to track.
  • View certificates earned in the current week.

In addition to the Mathletics Student app, we are working with our friends at Microsoft to bring the Microsoft Pen technology to Mathletics and to host World Education Games 2015 on Azure, Microsoft’s global cloud platform.

The 3P Learning team believe strongly in the partnership with Microsoft because we have a shared commitment to unite the world in learning.
Tim Power, Chief Executive Officer, 3P Learning
Joining forces with Microsoft to deploy our platform to the Windows family allows us to leverage to exceptional technology available in both the Surface devices, as well as the n-trig pen technology as well as what will be possible with the HoloLens devices, which will become a very powerful value proposition for our learning resources. By aligning with the universal app approach that comes with Windows 10, we will be able to deploy our resources across many exciting devices, not just the PC.
Mitch Nichols, Chief Technology Officer, 3P Learning
Microsoft is pleased to announce that 3P Learning is bringing its online resources to the Windows platform. 3P Learning’s technology positively impacts the lives of millions of school children all over the world, including my own.
Pip Marlow, Managing Director, Microsoft Australia


Mathletics Student app for Windows currently only includes access to Live Mathletics. Students can access the whole Mathletics resources through web browsers on their windows devices.

Mathletics Student currently only allows students to view the certificates earned in the current week.