Proudly created by educators, Spellodrome is fully curriculum aligned.

Teachers often explain their challenges when dealing with a class of students who are of varying levels of spelling competency.  We have a number of different features and functions within Spellodrome that will make tasks, homework and test setting easier and customisable, with clear progress reports making improvements measurable. The ready availability of worksheets and workbooks are designed to assist teachers in their lessons.

Word Lists at your fingertips!

With over 10,000 words to match your current spelling program, Spellodrome comes equipped to meet all your Word List homework setting needs.

Either use our recommended lists OR tailor the program to suit your individual needs by creating customised word lists for each of your spelling groups.

Homework and tests can be created in seconds! It’s as simple as dragging and dropping words into your spelling lists and assigning them to your class.

With comprehensive and detailed reports for individual students, Spellodrome makes the perfect assessment resource.

Word List- teacher

Test setting made simple

“Assessments” is a great resource through which teachers can assign tests for their students.  This tool allows teachers to allocate standard benchmarking tests at a date and time that suits them best.

Once students have completed the test, useful diagnostic and analytic information is provided.  This enables easy identification of areas of difficulty and appropriate student feedback.

Used at regular intervals, “Assessments” is a key resource for tracking student improvement.

Viewing, printing and exporting reports has never been easier!

In “Reports” you can view your students’ current and past achievements – making mid and end year reporting a breeze.  With the ability to select specific dates, teachers are able to monitor student progress and identify their achievements over time.

“Reports” highlight correctly and incorrectly spelled Word Lists and also provides a participation summary for each student which includes: signing in frequency, time spent in activities, correct answers, and total points earned from games.

The individual students’ correct and incorrect answers can be exported to a spreadsheet for printing or saving.

The ASSAT can be set for students of any age.  The results will give a standardised spelling age for each student.  The Diagnostic tests can also be set for students and the results will give teachers detailed analysis and feedback about their students’ strengths and weaknesses in spelling, as well as recommendations for programming.

Spellodrome Reports

Get a hold of our instant Spellodrome worksheets and workbooks!

The instant workbook series has been created as another way to provide teachers with the best resources to enhance their students’ learning.

With TWO different series on offer – providing access to:

  1. Spelling Worksheets:  a series of spelling lists with related activities including student worksheets, placement tests, answers and assessment tasks.
  1. Instant Workbooks:  a range of spelling, grammar and punctuation workbooks with activities for students, and a corresponding Teacher book.

These additional resources are the perfect way to supplement student learning and improve understanding, allowing students to achieve more.

Spellodrome Workbooks