32 Teams. One Goal. Help UNICEF End Polio.

Friday the 18th of October saw an enthusiastic team of 3P Learning football players head to Centennial Park to take part in the annual UNICEF Football Aid tournament. Competing against 32 other corporate teams in seven-a-side football, the 3P Learning enjoyed a fun day out of the office but more importantly, enjoyed contributing towards UNICEF’s goal of ending Polio for good!

The Football Aid raised much needed funds to help eliminate polio worldwide. UNICEF and its partners have spent the past 20 years working to rid the world of polio, and today they stand on the brink of eliminating this debilitating virus forever. Polio has been eradicated from all but three countries: Nigeria, Pakistan and Afghanistan. The funds raised on the day are targeted towards polio immunisation for individuals and entire communities in these focus areas.

“These funds are a game-changer for children,” Sydney FC player and UNICEF ambassador Brett Emerton said about Football Aid. “Everyday 67 million children around the world miss out on an education. Everyday 19,000 children die from preventable causes. We can change this.”

The 3P Learning team look forward to participating again next year for the UNICEF Football Aid trophy! 

Football Aid 2013 photo 1

A fantastic day for a great cause!