Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions for Teachers

It's time to stop reminiscing about the past year and think about the new year ahead! The yearly tradition of resolutions is among us so let's start brainstorming.  Here are the Top 10 New Year's Resolutions for Teachers: Happy New Year! Get the thinking caps on To get your students focused on the

Anchoring student learning with Mathletics

How Mathletics activities can help students learn. We all use anchors as a way of remembering specific things. Remember “Never Eat Soggy Weetbix” as a stimuli for learning direction or how hearing your wedding song can elicit feelings of happiness and joy? Teachers anchor information for students all of the time by providing stimuli (auditory,

Year 5s from St Elphege’s School rock out to Times Table Toons!

Thank you to St Elphege's School in the UK for sending in this great video of some of their Year 5 students, rocking out with Max the Cat and the Times Tables Band.  Great dance moves, everyone! How does your school rock out to the Times Table Toons?  Do you have any special costumes or

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Times Tables Toons iPhone App Review!

Our latest Times Tables Toons iPhone App has been reviewed and here is what they had to say! “…This mathematics app aims to get kids excited about learning their multiplication tables, using original songs to help make learning fun.” “…Featuring 11 original songs to teach kids the times tables from the “twos” to the “twelves,”

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How do you remember your times tables?

Mathematics and in particular the Times Tables is often stigmatised by students as being less interesting than other subjects, which raises its own set of challenges for parents and educators who are eager to retain interest and engagement. 3P Learning Managing Director Tim Power. Times Tables Toons can help remedy the learning of particularly tricky

Times Tables Toons iOS App is AVAILABLE!

***UPDATE:  Now in STEREO, the Times Tables Toons music is better than ever ! Make sure you update your iOS app to enjoy the crisp, clear tunes! *** HURRY TO ITUNES TO DOWNLOAD YOUR COPY TODAY! Get ready for a rollercoaster ride – the famous Times Tables Toons have gone on tour and are available

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