SLIM Conference 2014

Student Learning in Mathematics - SLIM Conference 2014 Hosted by Varsity College in Varsity Lakes, QLD, the SLIM Conference 2014 focuses on students learning in new and engaging ways through the use of 21st Century skills. Delegates from Upper Primary through to Senior Secondary will be inspired with a diverse and interactive workshop program where a

TIPS: Developing fluency in Mathletics

Tips for Mathletics activities Suggest students repeat an activity three times to ensure consolidation of concepts, improved understanding and fluency.  This is important even if students achieved mastery first time because they will receive fresh questions that are often adaptive. Recommend students access Easier activities within their course to build fluency before tackling their

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Learning to read online with Reading Eggs

In order to support your students to become fluent readers who read for meaning, there are five elements that students needs to master. These five critical literacy areas are covered in ABC Reading Eggs. The five elements include: 1. Phonemic Awareness Phonemes are the units of sound that make up a word. Developing phonemic awareness is the

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The Reading Eggspress Comprehension Gym

What is comprehension? Comprehension is the ability to read a text, engage with it and extract meaning. It is one of the key components in the reading process. Sometimes students might appear to be confident readers and may read a passage aloud with fluency and expression in their voice. However, when questioned, they may not

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Anchoring student learning with Mathletics

How Mathletics activities can help students learn. We all use anchors as a way of remembering specific things. Remember “Never Eat Soggy Weetbix” as a stimuli for learning direction or how hearing your wedding song can elicit feelings of happiness and joy? Teachers anchor information for students all of the time by providing stimuli (auditory,

How to develop fluency using Live Mathletics

Tips to develop fluency using Mathletics The Australian Maths Syllabus requires fluency, as one of the four proficiency strands, to be addressed when exploring and developing the content from the three content strands.  Nicola Herringer, our Mathletics Primary Publisher, explains that procedural fluency is the ‘ability to carry out procedures flexibly and accurately where factual

NAPLAN Literacy Trends

Take a look at the NAPLAN Literacy Trends for 2008 - 2013. National Minimum Standard (NMS) In 2013: The following graph shows the percentage of students Australia wide who are statically above the National Minimum Standard (NMS) in the different literacy components in 2013. The following conclusions can be drawn from this data:

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NAPLAN Numeracy Trends

Take a look at the NAPLAN Numeracy Trends for 2008 - 2013. These trends are based on an analysis of both national and regional mean scale scores, national minimum standards and participation rates. *Data Sources: 2013 NAPLAN Summary Report; 2013 NAPLAN National Report; MEAN SCALE SCORES Mean Scale Scores: NAPLAN results are measured

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Online Learning takes off at Yamba Public School

Benefits of Mathletics & Reading Eggs at Yamba Public School Yamba Public School fosters learning opportunities for their students using online education platforms. Alan Anderson, from Yamba Public School, shares how they have achieved whole school participation in two of our online learning programs, namely ABC Read Eggs and Mathletics. These are excellent programs as

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Edens Landing – Celebrating success in Mathletics

Wayne Tuckett, the ICT Coordinator at Edens Landing State School in the beautiful Gold Coast region of Queensland, tells how his school celebrates students in Mathletics. “As part of our school's commitment to Mathletics we have started two award schemes.  The Mathletics Class of Fame for the class with the most certificates in the week

KL Primary Mathematics Challenge

See how KL Primary challenged their students this year... KL Primary Mathematics Challenge is an inaugural event which was held on Thursday 23rd and Friday 24th January. This event welcomed a mixture of students from the British School of KL, Nexus International KL, Garden International School Malaysia and International School at ParkCity to Alice Smith

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What makes a great learner?

As experienced teachers we understand what makes a child a great learner. Surely it’s having an intellectual curiosity, an active approach to learning and a network style of thinking, for a start. So then, would you consider yourself a great learner? In the recent clip Great Teachers Are Great Learners created by The Innovation Unit

Maximising your students’ reading abilities

The ability to read is one of the most valuable life skills any young child can develop, and is especially rewarding for the parents and teachers who help guide children as they learn. Encouraging young students to read with their parents, grandparents or siblings not only improves their confidence, but allows their listener to understand

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Mathletics wins the Academics Choice Award: 2013 Smart Media

We are proud and honoured to announce that Mathletics has won the Academics Choice Award : 2013 Smart Media.  Academics' Choice Awards bring recognition to the best thinking-based products on the market that promote the best brain-boosting, genuinely effective learning tools that stimulate the mind and provide potential for the student to fully develop higher order

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