Challenge Complete!

   The curtain has fallen on the ASB New Zealand Maths Challenge 2013. Thank you to all teachers, students and parents who were involved in our nation's great maths challenge, we hope you had fun! While all results are being verified, we encourage students and teachers to log into their challenge consoles and print off [...]

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Day 2 = Live Maths!

Hello everyone! Day 2 sees students strive for accuracy with their mental maths using the 10 Live Mathletics levels. Students are encouraged to move through all 10 levels and try them out. Students are reminded that only the first 10 games will be taken from each level, so to really be in the competition they [...]

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Challenge Day 1 has Arrived!

Was that the sound of another gold coin dropping into your collection jar? Another 10 credits for you at the end of the challenge! The ASB NZ Maths Challenge began this morning with students racing up the Hall of Fame, collecting coins as they complete activities and topics. All NZ students can earn points today [...]

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Tiny school looking to show NZ what they’re made of, again!

Pitt Island is located approximately 770kms off the coast of the South Island, but that hasn’t stopped Pitt Island school from becoming a major force in the world of Mathletics.  With their internet connected via satellite, the 6 pupils of Pitt Island School have more than held their own when competing in online competitions, the [...]

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Special message from Mrs Gammie and Room 21 Sunnynook primary

Mathletics Royalty, Mrs Gammie and Room 21 from Sunnynook primary, sent us through a quick update on how they're preparing for the upcoming ASB Maths Challenge. Room 21 of Sunnynook Primary, Auckland, have really been looking forward to the ASB Maths Challenge for some weeks now! They are very excited as the Warm-ups for Curriculum [...]

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Save the Date!

The ASB New Zealand Maths Challenge is almost here, don't miss out on the opportunity for your school and students to be involved. Important dates for New Zealand's premier maths event are listed below. Monday 5 August - Registrations open Monday 12 August - Students can begin warming up for the challenge Wednesday 21 August [...]

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Presenting the winner of the NZ Maths Challenge 2012!

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Christchurch students get behind NZ Maths Challenge 2012

Even though the ASB New Zealand Maths Challenge competition period is now over for 2012, stories are still pouring into Mathletics Towers from all over the country. Today we heard from the Principal at Kendal School in Christchurch, Mr Turner, who also sent us some great photos of his students in action. Mr Turner said [...]

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Challenge complete!

Congratulations to all our participants in this year’s event, we hope you had a great time and improved your maths skills along the way.   After hours of competition that has seen thousands of students testing and improving their maths skills, the 2012 ASB New Zealand Maths Challenge is now over. Phew!   The Halls [...]

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Huge Haul of Mathletics Gold for Kiwi brothers!

Sometimes news reaches Mathletics Towers that is just too amazing NOT to share with the world. Today is one of those days.... Brothers Joshua B and Gideon B, from Auckland in New Zealand, have been using Mathletics at their respective schools now for a number of years. During that time, the boys have gained a [...]

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Isolation no barrier to success for Pitt Island twins!

A great thing about working in the Mathletics team is hearing some of the fantastic stories from all around the world - students who are exciting about their learning and having an exciting time with Mathletics. Today we heard about a pair of New Zealand twins, taking part in the ASB New Zealand Maths Challenge. [...]

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Maths Challenge Fever at Rangitaiki Independent School

We love receiving your photos! Check out these action shots from Rangitaiki Independant School, Whakatane - looks like these guys are really getting into the spirit of the NZ Maths Challenge. PS - We're also LOVING the artwork on the walls...   Maths fever in Rangitaiki!

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Day 1 Complete For The ASB New Zealand Maths Challenge 2012, Bring On Day 2!

 Congratulations everyone, we made it past 2 million correct answers - in just the first day! It's fantastic to see that most of you signed in and played during the day, we hope you are enjoying the challenge this year. Who will make it to the top at the end of today? We're watching carefully [...]

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South Hornby School lay down a challenge to Christchurch!

We are now into Day Two of this year’s ASB Maths Challenge with students right across the country getting involved. There are only hours remaining until the end the event and excitement is building... One of the NZ Challenge Team, Kiri, visited South Hornby School in Christchurch today to see how they were getting involved [...]

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Christ the King School in Christchurch go number crazy!

Day One of this year's ASB Maths Challenge is underway with students right across the country getting involved. We are already hearing some fantastic stories from schools about how they are taking part - keep them coming in guys! One of the NZ Challenge Team, Kiri, visited Christ the King School in Christchurch today to [...]

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