Technology in the classroom: what’s in store?

Technology use in schools is increasing every year, dominated by the introduction of iPads, tablets and netbooks to the classroom. Technology is not intended to replace teachers in the classroom; instead, most educational tech is designed to increase efficiency and improve the effectiveness of traditional teaching methods. In a recent survey, more than

Curiosity can cause learning

We at 3P Learning are passionate about leading change and influencing the direction of education globally. Capturing and fuelling the collective curiosity in teachers and students is paramount. Dr Sugata Mitra, Researcher, Educationalist and 2013 winner of the Ted prize, through his “Hole in the Wall” experiment concluded that “an environment that stimulates curiosity can cause learning”

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Some of our Mathletics terminology explained …

Live Mathletics: A game-like arena where students can compete in real time to master basic maths skills against students from all over the world. An intelligent ranking system ensures that students are challenged, but not discouraged, and a personal best bar is always displayed to motivate students to improve further. A ‘three strikes and you’re

Driving Digital Learning

This post shared recently by Nikolaos Chatzopoulos on Edudemic caught our attention and we wonder how many of our users share this interest. We know many schools are going down the path of considering tablets for their schools.  So many considerations, so many questions and a big expense from a limited education budget! What we

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