Supporting EAL within UK schools

. How can e-learning help to support EAL reading and language skills in UK schools? The background for EAL within the UK Official figures from the Department for Education in 2014 showed that over 1 million pupils in the UK speak English as an additional language

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Professional Development Opportunity: Dr. Marian Small Videos

We recognize that teachers are lifelong learners. To help their students succeed, they continuously seek to augment their toolbox of skills. According to a study commissioned by the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation, the ideal professional development experience should possess a variety of attributes  in order to be successfully implemented in day-to-day teaching. Professional development

Year 3 student makes his focus Gold Bars and the World Hall of Fame

Oliver's Golden Smile says it all! Oliver Goodger, Yr 3 Brighton Grammar, VIC My name is Oliver Goodger and I am in grade 3 at Brighton Grammar. I love Mathletics because it help me learn maths and it is heaps of fun. I play Mathletics whenever I have free time. The multiplication and

Mathletics welcome the ACT’s first Lead Educator Tiffany Ward

Tiffany Ward, Canberra achieves Mathletics Lead Educator Certification My name is Tiffany Ward and I have been in the teaching profession for 4 ½ years. The Mathletics Lead Educator Program has provided me with a chance to implement, deliver and evaluate a school wide action plan. I currently teach a Year 5 enrichment class which

Spellodrome & the Australian Curriculum

Designed by educators, Spellodrome is mapped to the outcomes of the Australian Curriculum and the NSW Curriculum. "At Spellodrome we recognise alongside the National Curriculum the importance of literacy as an essential skill for students in becoming successful learners." Sarah Rich (Spellodrome Literacy Publisher) Curriculum Aligned? Spellodrome is designed to complement teaching and learning, with

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Celebrate National Numeracy and Literacy Week with Mathletics & Spellodrome!

  With National Numeracy and Literacy Week fast approaching, many schools around the country are busily preparing activities to celebrate. The team at Mathletics and Spellodrome have also been eagerly brainstorming some ways schools can celebrate. This year’s theme is encouraging students to reduce, reuse, recycle and rethink! Here are some suggestions for your school:

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Can pedagogy drive technology?

We are all familiar with Bloom’s Taxonomy but what an innovative and digitally relevant version by Allan Carrington.  The “Padagogy Wheel Version V3.0” illustrates the synergy between quality teaching and learning and technology.   Jeff Dunn from Edudemic poses the question “How do we show teachers that the pedagogy should drive the technology and not the

It’s easy to keep up to date with your child’s progress using Mathletics

It's easy to keep up to date with your child's numeracy progress using Mathletics. As a parent, you have access to tools that allow you to monitor and manage your child's progress using the Mathletics Parent Console and Task Manager. Parent Console  Access the Mathletics Parent Console by signing in using your Mathletics parent login.

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Exploring IntoScience and “Taxonomic Ranks” in the Classroom.

Teachers, have you ever tried out a new teaching tool that your students were highly interested in and excited about, but then found yourself wondering “how could I teach with this?”  You definitely wouldn't be alone on this one! Our IntoScience platform is revolutionising the teaching of science, using groundbreaking technology. The pace of technology is racing

What makes a great learner?

As experienced teachers we understand what makes a child a great learner. Surely it’s having an intellectual curiosity, an active approach to learning and a network style of thinking, for a start. So then, would you consider yourself a great learner? In the recent clip Great Teachers Are Great Learners created by The Innovation Unit

Driving Digital Learning

This post shared recently by Nikolaos Chatzopoulos on Edudemic caught our attention and we wonder how many of our users share this interest. We know many schools are going down the path of considering tablets for their schools.  So many considerations, so many questions and a big expense from a limited education budget! What we

We’re drinking the same water that Cleopatra drank!

Did YOU know that there is now the same amount of water on the Earth as there was when the Earth began? The reason for this is the water cycle, which is how the Earth’s water recycles itself! The water cycle is an extremely important process because it ensures the availability of water for all

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