Brain cells created directly from skin cells

Cell research is very important and highly specialised, with potentially life-saving outcomes leading to revolutions in the field of medicine and health.  Below is an example of such research. Brain cells created directly from skin cells (courtesy of Katie Lee, Cosmos Magazine : Researchers have transformed adult mouse skin cells directly into functional nerve cells, skipping

Melting ice causes great concern for plant and animal life

Melting ice is causing great concern as it results in rising sea levels globally.  Climate change (also known as global warming) is suggested as a reason behind the increasing sea levels. The habitats of plants and animals will be affected by sea level rise as well as changes to climatic conditions. According to investigators from

Could the ‘Red Deer Cave’ people be a new species?

by Darren Curnoe, Cosmos Online  (courtesy of Cosmos Magazine :  Darren Curnoe is an evolutionary biologist from the University of New South Wales in Sydney. The fossilised remains of an ancient human-like species have been found in southwest China. Do these Red Deer Cave people belong to our species, or a previously unknown species? Co-lead researcher

Don’t underestimate the power of a series of gearwheels!

This ancient clockwork machine retrieved from a shipwreck is most definitely a complex and sophisticated piece of machinery. The Antikythera Mechanism (pictured below) is named after its place of discovery, where Greek divers, exploring a Roman shipwreck at a depth of 42 metres in 1901, came across 82 curious bronze fragments.  Millenniums ago the gearwheels

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