Bunda Mullia International Teams dominate the SEAMC 2016 Pre-Round

Participation for the Online Pre-Round for SEAMC 2016, once again proudly provided on the Live Mathletics Platform by 3P Learning, was at an all-time high this year. It was truly fantastic to see students going online and connecting up with fellow SEAMC attendees for spirited 60 second challenges against each other prior to coming together in

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Fantastic SEAMC 16 Pre-Round over the weekend!

Fantastic SEAMC 2016 Pre-Round over the weekend! The teams coming together to participate in the SEAMC 16 event in a little over a week’s time have really embraced the spirit of the Online Pre-Round hosted on the Live Mathletics platform over the weekend. The level of activity of the SEAMC students was clear

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The SEAMC Mathletics Online Pre-Round 2016!

The SEAMC Mathletics Online Pre-Round is on again in 2016! Mathletics is once again proud to support SEAMC by conducting an online pre-round the weekends of February 12-14 and February 19-21 (Weekends are used to prevent disruption to studies amongst students already giving up time for SEAMC.) The SEAMC Students have all been

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Welcoming Vanya Duncan to the Lead Educator Community

Vanya is a Grade 4 teacher at American School of Ulaanbaatar and has successfully completed all three levels of the Certification Pathway. Being a very IT savvy teacher, Vanya has taken full advantage of Mathletics to differentiate, bring students with gaps up to speed with others, provide challenging work for more able students, monitor progress

Tech Tools Daily Mathletics Review

21clRadio recognizes educational leaders from the international teaching world and beyond. Hosts Michael Boll, Chris Carter and Jamie Willett interview great thinkers and review EdTech products and services. Recently, in their 'Tech Tools Daily' segment the hosts had a lively and in-depth discussion about all things Mathletics! From the engaging and competitive aspects of Live

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FOBISIA Mathletics Challenge Day 2: Final Results

Whilst a lot of work went on behind the scenes at the 3P Learning Offices to ensure that the FOBISIA Mathletics Challenge ran smoothly and was scored fairly, we know that it was nothing compared to the many questions answered by thousands of busy students all keen to challenge each other online and win Subscriptions

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Day 1 of FOBISIA Mathletics Challenge a Great Success!

Teachers reading this post will be aware that the Mathletics challenge has been hotly contested amongst the FOBISIA Schools in the Asian Region. It is a shame that we cannot set up a leaderboard to give you instant data but we are also glad that we have been in a position to do a lot

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Great Finish to the 2015 SEAMC Pre-Round contested on Mathletics Platform

By the time you read this the SEAMC Event will have concluded for another year and another group of students will have had the benefit of experiencing a great weekend of Challenge, Fun and networking that will go some way to shaping their future. 3P Learning were once again proud to be a part of

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As one competition finishes, another prepares to get underway…

This is definitely the season of Online Mathematics Challenges for the 3P Learning Asia team! We have hardly recovered from the excitement of the SEAMC 2015 and are yet to present the trophies and subscription awards for this event but we are already turning our attention to the FOBISIA Mathletics Challenge where we will be

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UPDATE: First Weekend of SEAMC 2015 Pre-Round

UPDATE: First Weekend of SEAMC 2015 Pre-Round goes to Team Bacon Dragon in what is still a wide-open event. It looks as though the various Lunar New Year holidays around the region allowed a lot more teams to find the time to compete in the Pre-Round Live Arithmetic Challenge hosted on the Mathletics Platform this

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The SEAMC 2015 Online Pre-Round: Proudly provided by 3P Learning

For the third year running, the Mathletics platform is being used by 240 students from schools throughout Asia and their teachers for a pre-event arithmetic challenge, conducted entirely online.Students and teachers have all been provided with accounts on Mathletics. These accounts will only be active across the 2 weekends prior to the event, from 4pm Friday (HKT) until 9:30pm

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3P Learning assists with KL Primary School Maths Challenge

There can be no question of doubting the commitment of Teachers, parents and students when it comes to giving time to Mathematics in Asian Schools. This was again demonstrated this weekend when around 65 Year 5 students came together at Garden International School Kuala Lumpur for the KL Primary School Maths Challenge. 9 schools were

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The FOBISIA Mathletics Challenge

The Challenge is a 2-day event taking place on March 5 and March 6 2015. Presentation of awards will take place at the FOBISIA Primary Maths Competition in Shanghai on March 6 and 7. The schools do not need to be attending the Shanghai event to win as trophies and awards (subscriptions) will be presented in absentia. The

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SEAMC & NEAMC 2014 Celebrate Asia’s Top Mathematics Students

Since the first 2001 SEAMC took place at the Kuala Lumpur Alice Smith School, partly with a mission to create a legacy for Steve Warry, the enthusiastic organizer who unfortunately passed away a week prior to the event, the competition has grown in numbers and stature each year. This year saw the introduction of the

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3P Learning supports Computers Are Free For Everyone (CAFFE) in Bangladesh.

It probably comes as little surprise that the 3P Learning Asia Team regularly get approached about sponsorship of needy projects in the region. There is a lot of poverty in Asia and 3P Learning is noted for it's work with UNICEF to assist needy schools in the region as a part of the World Education

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