Teacher focus: How to use the Jenolan Caves Investigation Program

You can use the investigation program to teach in many different ways. It’s your choice! Here are some ideas to get you started: In the classroom: Independent learning: Simply allow the students to enter the caves and wander around. They will encounter the sample stations and be prompted to activate them by correctly placing instruments

The Jenolan Caves Investigation Program’s purpose for your students

What is the Jenolan Caves Investigation Program? The Jenolan Caves Investigation Program is a groundbreaking education experience which makes it possible for students to investigate one of the most spectacular cave systems in the world right from their computer or tablet. Integrated with IntoScience, the Jenolan Caves Investigation Program puts students into a virtual world

The making of IntoScience’s Jenolan Caves Investigation Program

A cave-load of work has gone into being able to deliver the Jenolan Caves Investigation Program to students across the nation, and here is how it has happened… Watch the video below for the first installment on the making of the Jenolan Caves program.   Discovering the Jenolan Caves The story begins with a visit

Meet “Zebedee” – CSIRO’s cutting edge technology

CSIRO is pushing the boundaries of 3D mapping with its groundbreaking handheld laser scanner, Zebedee.  The Zebedee is transforming the ways in which we are able to digitally experience unknown environments, as it possesses the ability to map locations which were previously too challenging to measure. This capability is attributed to the fact that firstly,

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