Got Spellodrome… now available for tablets!

We are excited to announce that Spellodrome is now available for students using tablet devices.


Following on from the recent release of the new look Spellodrome, we are today excited to announce that – alongside a shiny new homepage – it is now possible for students to log in to Spellodrome directly via the browser on their tablet device.

Across the past few months, our team of technical wizards at Spellodrome HQ have been working hard behind the scenes to completely rebuild Spellodrome out of its older Flash technology into newer mobile-friendly technologies. We are excited that this work is now complete and students can log in to Spellodrome on their tablet devices.

It is now possible to take your Spellodrome activities anywhere!


Note: for the best experience, we recommend accessing Spellodrome via tablet-sized devices. It is not recommended to use Spellodrome on a smartphone-sized device. For more details, visit the Spellodrome technical requirements page.

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