Spelling is integral to effective literacy skills.  Spellodrome has a number of engaging tools and programs to assist students with developing their spelling skills. Teachers can either create customised word lists for their class, or they can use the ready-made Spellodrome recommended word lists for setting homework.  The “My Word Lists” element of Spellodrome allows both students and parents to see the words that their teachers have assigned them.

word list Spellodrome

Parents also have the ability to change the word lists that children are set on- to focus on building spelling and vocabulary skills related to their children’s current year level and own abilities. Spellodrome’s interactive capabilities allow students to access, study and revise their words using the effective “Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check” method. This tried and tested method helps students to become proficient spellers and develop critical spelling awareness skills. This in turn builds their confidence and overall enjoyment of spelling activities. Learning to Spell is made fun with the “My Word List Game”: Cyclobot’s Revenge.  Students play against Cyclobette in Spellodrome’s own version of the classic hangman spelling game.

cyclobot's revenge

Students are challenged and encouraged to think critically and develop their own spelling strategies through the recognition of letter patterns and word families. The winner is the player who correctly completes the word first– and they are rewarded with 50 points towards a Millennium helmet certificate.  This competitive element is appealing to many students and the reward based learning assists with motivation and activity re-engagement. Spelling is not only a visual skill.  Students also need to know how a word sounds.  Spellodrome makes this possible with the inclusion of both visual and listening activities.

When students access “Cyclobot’s Challenge” they complete a virtual spelling test, where they are presented with words from their list.  Each correct answer earns them 10 points towards a Millennium Helmet Certificate but three strikes and they’re out! Listening to the word in the sentence helps students understand the contextual meaning of the word as used in spoken English – which in turn helps develop eloquency, broadens vocabulary and consequently improves writing skills. Troublesome words become ‘focus words’ for the following week, which ensures that students become proficient and confident in all their work.

Cyclobot's Challenge


Parents and teachers will be delighted with the measurable progress made each week!