For the third year running, the Mathletics platform is being used by 240 students from schools throughout Asia and their teachers for a pre-event arithmetic challenge, conducted entirely online.Students and teachers have all been provided with accounts on Mathletics. These accounts will only be active across the 2 weekends prior to the event, from 4pm Friday (HKT) until 9:30pm Sunday, the weekends of Feb 13-15 and Feb 20-22. The reason for the restricted access is that teachers requested this due to the fact that SEAMC students were already missing important work due to travel for the event. Students do not have to come together in the same location to compete in the pre-round as it is all online and available via desktop, laptop or tablet. Thus, the CNY holidays in the region should have little bearing on ability to participate.

When students use their logins to access the site they will find the full suite of Mathletics resources available to them. They have formative assessment activities with support screens and conceptual videos, eBooks with summaries and activities covering most, if not all of the mathematical concepts they will encounter, Formulae summary sheets, GeoGebra interactives for investigation and much more. Teachers are free to use their login to put the students on any of the international curriculum we map to. A range of easy to follow teacher guides are available to walk you through the various tools and functions available.

Access Mathletics Guides

Changing the curriculum or getting students to interact with any of the content on the site will not affect the Pre-Round as this is being judged purely on the Live Arithmetic Challenge accessible to students from this button on their homepage.

Whilst this area of the site usually allows access to 10 Levels of live challenge, the SEAMC students have been restricted to the top levels, Level 7-10. For the SEAMC Online Pre-Round, only scores on levels 7, 8 and 9 will be used to determine the winners.

 When students engage on these levels they will have the option to challenge the World, their school, their class or themselves against a computer-generated opponent. Whilst all scores will be counted, we hope that they will choose a school challenge in the spirit of engaging against other SEAMC 2015 students.

When the students hit the “Go” button they will hopefully be matched up with another SEAMC student online. They will have 60 seconds to answer as many questions correctly as they can. Depending upon the Level that they choose to engage on, the questions that they will see will be on topics as per below: The winner of the round will be the one getting the most right in 60 seconds.  The overall winners of the SEAMC 2015 Online Pre-Round will be determined from a combination of highest score, accuracy and overall number correct averaged across the team and the 3 levels, with a factor of 1.25 applied to scores at level 8 and a factor of 1.5 applied to scores at level 9.

Whilst the Mathletics website has a leaderboard for Asia-based schools, it will not necessarily be a good measure of SEAMC 2015 “leaders” due to the manipulation required to produce a winning TEAM. It should, however, be a good guide to see student and school participation.