The Girls at the senior campus of Canberra Girls Grammar School are knocking NAPLAN out of the park! The latest My School update has shown that 23 schools in Canberra have shown significant improvement in the fields of Literacy and Numeracy from last year’s NAPLAN results as students move from years 3-5 and 7-9. Of these top 23 improved schools, Canberra Girls Grammar School was ranked as one of the highest within the private school sector.

The head of the ACT Education Directorate Diane Joseph says that ACT schools are consistently retaining a high position within national academics. She mentions that within 20 domains of last year’s NAPLAN, ACT schools manage to hold high positioning within a large chunk of domains.

“NAPLAN for the ACT last year, out of the 20 domains, ACT continues to be at the top or equal top in 19 of those domains,”
Head of the ACT Education Directorate, Diane Joseph

Canberra Girls Grammar School has seen particular improvement in reading results between years 7 and 9. Principal Anne Coutts explains that their learning environment encourages the use of creativity and innovation to build “independent thinkers”.

“Any school can enable high-achieving students to coast comfortably, we don’t want that to happen. We aim to challenge our students to move outside their comfort zone and discover their passions,”
Canberra Girls Grammar School Principal, Anne Coutts

Within literacy domains, Canberra Girls Grammar achieved above average success in 3 of 5 domains by year 9. What’s great is that the school doesn’t set the bar and make students reach for the stars, they simply ask that students work to make progress. This approach is becoming more and more common within schooling as data driven class progress allows a more customised learning direction.

“We have concentrated for the last few years in using the data rich environment of our school to inform our teaching. We analyse data about each students progress to help us know how best to support their learning. We aim to engage their interest and natural curiosity to enjoy their learning and find it fun. We know that each child will have a preferred way to learn and we aim to differentiate in the classroom so that each student can learn to have confidence in their abilities.”
Canberra Girls Grammar School Principal, Anne Coutts

Canberra Girls Grammar school has been a great user of Spellodrome and Mathletics over the years and we are glad to see such great results from a school that shows a clear dedication to student success. We love that ideals such as customising learning to students’ progression, results-based work, creating engaged learning and encouragement of mobile education outside of school are so proactively used.

We hope that Spellodrome and Mathletics continue to support Canberra Girls Grammar School achieve such great results in providing an engaging, results based and mobile means of education to compliment such a schooling outlook towards learning.

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