Your Mathletics report explained

This year schools are receiving a personalised snapshot of Mathletics in 2013 and for the year ahead.  To help schools interpret the data we have answered some of the most commonly asked questions.

2013 Mathletics ReportQ: What is mastery?

A score of over 85% indicates mastery of a particular strand.

Q: How is improvement calculated?

Improvement is calculated  as the percentage increase between the average first attempt score and the average maximum score.  The difference between the average first attempt and the average maximum score is then presented as a percentage.

Q: How is total tasks assigned calculated?

Total tasks assigned is calculated based on the number of activities that teachers at your school have assigned to students.

Q: Is my schools information accessible by other schools?

No, each schools information is private and confidential and cannot be accessed  or viewed by third parties outside 3P Learning.

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